One of our heyday gigs - Glasgow Barrowlands, 14th March. If you were here, make yourself (and your memories, and your memorabilia) known to the rest of the Music Club. We're sure we played more gigs than this in '87... help us out at the User's Guide page, if you remember any more.

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This was a great show. I still have a very good recording of it that I listen too when I need a fix. "Three Foot Blasts of Fire" was a standout for me!

Remember this gig so well... you also played the previous weekend in Galashiels College of Textiles Union.. Both these gigs were supporting the one and only Love and Money with the mega talented James Grant... i remember heading to the Gala gig and hearing about the HERALD OF FREE ENTERPRISE ferry which had Capsized in Zeebrugger during the night. Both were fantastics shows. I have to admit i was attending both as a love and money fan, but 15 Hue & Cry gigs later i think that week in March 1987 had a huge effect on me....!! thanks for the memories guys.!! especially the one when you both wanted to burst eachother on stage at the Pavillion one night .....hahahaha. Mark.
It was a great show. I'd really love to hear you guys over here in America more often. Saw you at Mohegan Sun Casino a number of years ago with a paired down band. I loved it but you really shine when you either have a big horn section backing you into some Funk/R+B grooves - or when you head in the exact opposite direction and you do piano and voice gigs. Brilliant stuff!


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