H&C Live 1995 - 8th Feb, Birmingham, Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club

Again, thanks to your input, we have a starter map of gigs for this year - so we need you to fill in the gaps, if you can. Tonight's gig is Birmingham. If you can remember any more dates for definite, please let us know at the User's Guide to History City, and we'll turn them into proper dates below.

Tell us your memories and stories of this gig, show us your images. You can do so by filling in the white 'Reply to This' box below, and using the upload link below the box for pics.

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I was sitting at a table on the side of the stage at this gig with my (Now ex) husband. We had such a great night being so close to our heroes! We managed to sneak off with the hand written running order which I have just found! As I said it was hand written ( I hope by Pat or Greg!) so I will write the songs as they are written !

1st Set

Till U come back
Do Nothin till U moro
Send in the clowns
She Makes A Sound
They Fairly Make You Work
Human Touch
Man With Child

2nd set
Mary mary
Just say U love
Perfect Life
My Salt Heart
Late In The Day
Mother Glasgow

Sadly the gig was spoilt by some idiot at a front table ( obviously a regular member of RS's and got in free!) who was talking all through the 1st set ! Its a hazy memory but I seem to recall that Pat wasn't at all pleased !
Excellent Perfect Life rendition

You definitely did Ronnie Scott's around Oct 20 cos it was the first time I went out on my own after my daughter was born on Oct 13 (just had her 18th last weekend!). You played 'She makes a sound' which I always used to include on compilation cds for friends who were just about to give birth, so it seemed quite poignant (Lizzie was ivf and I used to cry a lot to 'Just say you love me' while we were having treatment!)


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