Hi everyone,

Welcome to the 'History City' section of this website. First off, we hope some of you recognise the title - it's a track from our first 1987 album, Seduced and Abandoned, and it describes well what we're trying to do here

Which is? Well, we're trying to build an online community out of everyone who's ever come to see Hue And Cry play live or perform in public, over the last 20-odd years (and hopefully over the next twenty!).

We want to hear your stories, see pictures of your memorabilia (from ticket stubs to personal photos), and watch clips of performances you've recorded recently. And as the site builds up, we're hoping that people will begin to "look around them in the audience", and see other Music Club members that they might like to say hello to. You could call it "Fans Reunited"!

How to use it

Once you've joined the Music Club, it's easy to participate. If you're reading this, you're already in History City. Go to History City Home, and on the left hand side you'll find a complete list of years we've been playing.

At every point in History City, there's a search box available, and it's a great way to zero in on the gig, or town, or year - or anything - you remember. (For example, if you put in "jazz cafe london", you get this result).

Once you find the gig or town you're looking for, hit the 'reply to this' under each gig entry. There you can write your memories, upload links and pictures, even embed video clips from YouTube, or even from videos you've uploaded to Ning.

...But we need your help

To build the History City properly, though, we need your assistance. We have played many hundreds of gigs over the last few years, but we don't have a full record of them. A lot of fans have already helped us from their own records - but you can help right here, right now.

If you have a specific place and date of a gig that you DON'T see in the History City archives, could you please let us know about it in the 'reply to this' box below. We'll keep an eye on these entries, and when we get enough, we'll build a new gig/tour entry in the appropriate year.

(We've also posted a "Can you remember?" discussion in some of the gig years that seem particularly bare - eg, 1988 or 1994 - please use them also).

Looking forward to meeting you all -- and seeing you all meet each other!

best wishes, Pat and Greg x x x

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im sure you played forres mundole park around august or september 92. i was there but dont remember dates all i remember was greg wearing white jeans .lolx. was very drunk being that i was celebrating my 25th birthday and what better way to do it.x
I have a bootleg cassette that I dug out, from 1989. 'Rock Against The Poll Tax'. Texas, The silencers, Wet Wet Wet, Deacon Blue and by the sounds of it, you guys were headlining. Track listing;
I Refuse
Second Nature
Labour Of Love
We Shall Overcome (Your own version!)
Strength To Strength.

Quality isn't terrific but you do get a sense of the day (there was also a march earlier in the day) with Pat commending all the acts playng that night, in a moment of Scottish musical solidarity.

Ring any bells with anyone?

Hi guys, I remember your gig in Amsterdam 8 dec 1987, club Roxy.

I was 17 years old, it was my first concert, and my only one ever of H+C, unfortunately. I was crazy about your song Strength to strength, saw the poster of your upcoming concert in club Roxy, and decided to go there with my friend. I'm sorry to say there weren't many other fans, you started later (hoping the hall would fill up?), but I was totally excited with having seen you guys play. I still have 3 snapshots of this occasion....

In all the following years I tried to keep track of you, but that was a little hard, living in Amsterdam pre-Internet. I did receive those black-and-white fan magazines for a few years, and had one of those clubcards that's somebody's avatar on this forum. At the CD markets I always looked for Hue and cry singles, because of the extra songs (B-sides) that were on there.   

I was very happy when you got back together, and Jazz not jazz, Next move and Open soul are my favourite albums. Hopefully I will be able to come to Glasgow this year!

Hi Rose, welcome to our Music Club. There's loads of great stuff on here for you to listen to and look at. Have fun. Great photo too, even tho I'm not in it :) ... brings back good memories ... Not been to Holland for ages, hopefully we'll get over to you again soon.

Greg x

Hi Greg, thanks for personally welcoming me!!

Brings back memories for me too. Later this afternoon I remembered you played Widescreen that night which I thought was a beautiful, beautiful song but it wasn't on any CD or album I had. It wasn't until I bought Bitter suite (I think) that I heard it back: shivers down my spine when I recognized it!! 



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