We have dim and dark memories of this one... singing with a drum-machine to a version of Prince's Sign of the Times? Wild blues guitar from Brian McFie, ex-Big Dish? Please confirm our intuitions, and tell us your memories and stories (and any pics too!). You can do so by filling in the white 'Reply to This' box below, and using the upload link below the box for pics.

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Yep, you described this gig on 27th Dec 93 as a concept gig, Brian McFie came out for some songs and Greg used his drum machine on songs like "Mr Bell is calling," "Perfect Life" and "Just say you love me." Greg played saxophone on "It was a very good year." You also did 2 yes 2 encores of "Remote" Violently" "Linda" and "Rolling Home."
Brian McFie played on "Apparently Nothin'" and "Sign o the Times" and you also covered "Makin Whoopee" "Send In the clowns" and "The Jute Mill song." You promised 1994 would be a very good year. It was a GREAT night on the Ferry.
I recall another 'Ferry' gig, probably around the same time (though I could easily be a year or so out) Dougie Donnelly introduced the guys (with Pat querying, on his entrance, 'Was that DOUGIE DONNELLY?). 'Mr. Bell', 'Perfect Life' are in my memory. Also a powerful version of Elvis Costello's 'Tramp The Dirt Down' were here present.

Major let down for me - I had to leave early to catch my last train - thoroughly uncool but such is the studenty life...
I remember this one vividly, a freezing cold night, Dougie Donnelly introducing the guys, a cracking venue, packed to the bulkheads! A memorable gig, cheers.


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