H&C Live 1988 - What gigs *did* we do this year? If any?

There must have been some... anyone out there remember? Or were we esconced in a studio in New York making 'Remote'? If you can improve our memory, let us know by using the 'reply to this' box below. We'll note all entries, and start up a gig 'discussion' for each one.

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My first H&C gig! The Riverside, Newcastle Upon Tyne. I think it was probably November or December. I managed to get right to the front and loved every minute of it.
Not sure if it was 1988 or earlier, and I don't know the date, but I remember seeing you at a club in Aberdeen called "Ritzy's"
very small affair but absolutely brilliant.

Does anyone else from Aberdeen remember this gig?
Hi, I think it was either late 1987 or early 1988 as I was doing my 'A' levels the following summer!! I saw Hue & Cry in a nightclub in Birmingham called Edwards No. 7. I saw them again last night in London and they were equally fantastic!! I also remembered a lot of the words, very scary!!!! Julia
Hi Guys, 1988 - Was this the year you did the Motherwell Civic?, that was my first H&C concert and certainly was not my last. It was May I'm sure, still got the ticket somewhere. Any chance of a concert at Wishaw General near the end of October, been too heavily pregnant to attend your concerts just now but enjoying very much the Open Soul CD. Tracey x
Hooray for you, Tracey - I was beginning to imagine that these events took place. It was my first H&C gig and also my first EVER gig. My wife delivered both my beautiful children at Wishaw General. I welcome you to wonderland...
Manchester International 2

I want to guess that this gig is in it's rightful place here (1988) but can't be sure. Review for the gig. (Even though I've dated it 1987 on the attachment!)
Fixx, Glasgow
I've had a wee guess at the year again but the clues point to 1988 - Review for the show attached.

13th of December at the SECC in Glasgow. In the "wee hall". Very important to me as it was the first time I had seen you and it was 2 weeks after my new favourite album of all time, Remote, had been released. I had listened to Remote constantly for  those 2 weeks going back and forward to uni. I remember the looks I got down the front as I sang every word of "The Only Thing (More Powerful Than The Boss)" perfectly. Maybe not perfectly in tune though! A brilliant gig that meant the world to me at the time and started a very fruitful 13 months of H&C gigs seeing you 4 and a bit times. The "bit" being the SECC on the 27th of November 1989, when Pat's voice gave up the ghost 3 songs in. Caught you at the re-scheduled gig on 20th Jan 1990 of course. The other 2 were the Barrowlands on the 29th of April and Embra Playhouse on the 19th of May in '89.


I remember being at the SECC 'wee hall' gig with The Highlanders as support. First 'proper' gig I would have just turned fifteen. Had the t-shirt for years (I remember it being really large at the time) but no idea where it is now.


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