H&C Live 1989 - Nov/Dec UK Tour - 19th Nov, Nottingham Royal Concert Hall

_44055182_holyroodbodyAfter the hit singles 'Looking For Linda' and 'Violently', we organised a tour with much bigger venues at the end of 1989. This one was Nottingham Royal Concert Hall. Some extraordinary memories for us in this tour, and we presume for you too.

We'll post each gig, its date and venue, below - and encourage you to tell us your memories, post up your memorabilia. You can do so by filling in the white 'Reply to This' box below, and using the upload link below the box for pics.

Thanks to YouTube, here's a track from a tv special which shows Hue And Cry in our full 1989 pomp and glory, beginning with 'Looking For Linda'

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Was it her that you played the Abba song 'What's The Name Of The Game'? A superb cover....have you thought about resurrecting it?

A group of us came over to this gig from Newark where we were at college at the time. It was a fantastic night. I remember driving everyone in my student house mad playing my Hue and Cry LPs over and over and over! My sister would have been 14 then and we took her along to the gig as she loved the band too. She has just bought me the new limited edition Hot Wire set for my 40th birthday and tickets to the show in Milton Keynes. Loving the new songs and can't wait to see the band again.


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