There's not many people can say they've played to 250,000 people at one gig ... but we can. Today was the day we played twice at Glasgow's The Big Day, the street celebration to mark 1990's Glasgow City of Culture festival. We played a set in the afternoon with the full band, alongside Nancy Griffith, Aswad and the Average White Band. And a set at night, all alone with piano-vocal, in front of a quarter of a million people. It could hardly get bigger than that... and it's still vivid in our minds.

What are your memories, written or visual, if you saw us that day? Please let us know, and maybe meet some other people that were there too. Fill in the 'reply to this' box below, and use the 'upload files' link underneath the box.

And thanx to the combined glory of fan enthusiasm and YouTube, there's even some tv footage of our performance there to see - take this version of 'Remote'. (Some rather excitable anti-Tory rhetoric at the beginning there - see BBC4's Caledonia Dreaming, part five and part six, for Pat's mea culpa).

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We were miles away at both gigs, but it was such a thrill to hear the crowd sing back "Labour of Love" to you. Anyone remember Tommy, Colin and Phil's god awful dancing at the back waving their horns about!!! lol I still have the clips from TV on video.
Didn't you guys do a "Day for Scotland" at Stirling this year also?
The Big Day was a fantastic event....Loadsa of great Scottish music that day....My highlight, obviously, was Hue & Cry, saw you during the day and at night....You were amazing.....Loved the song you did "I've just seen a face"....I was in the centre pages of the Daily Record on the Monday morning, standing on a statue in George Square with my Hue & Cry t-shirt on....Fame eh?

And yeah, I do remember Tommy, Colin and Phil's awful dancing, lol....Bet they cringe every time they see it!!!!!
I remember this well. I was a Rocksteady steward at this gig. Deacon Blue closed it and Sheena Easton's reception was cool to say the least, possibly due to her half-baked yankee accent.
A few pals and I travelled 400 miles on the Citylink from London to see this gig - half of us just to see Hue & Cry. Would say H&C's afternoon set was definitley the best performance of the entire day - followed closely by the legendary AWB. Think I still have the tee-shirt somewhere but remember the day vividly (and the hangover the next day).
superb vocal performance,fantastic song,great politicol outburst
Me and my pal was at this gig back then i had short hair lol so happy memories :)


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