H&C Live 1992 - What gigs did we do this year? Can you help us out?

Hi all,

Our archive/records are bare for 1992 - in our bones, we feel that can't be right... Are there any gigs from this time that you remember going to?

If you have any details - months, days, venues, towns - please let us know about them in the 'reply to this' box below. We'll take note, and turn them into proper gig 'discussions' in History City.

best, p and g xxx

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thanks Grant - does anyone out there have any idea of the dates of that Truth and Love tour? We have a vague memory of doing Abba covers on that tour... what?!... best p & g
1/12/1992 Wulfren Hall, Wolverhampton.

I have a question P&G about this tour, as it was your first after splitting with a major and releasing a record on your own imprint, what were the logistical implications of the tour? Did you have to do everything yourself? Were budgets much lower? Or did you actually do better from live shows as a result?
Can't remember all the logistics, Jon, but like most artists these days, we're realising that the only reliable source of income is from live performance. Which is fantastic for musicians, because that's what they like doing most! There'll be lots of opportunities to see us over the next 18 months, as a result.

best, p&g
I am pretty sure you did "What's the name of the game".
I think the Abba cover "Name of the game" was on the Stars Crash Down tour. Didn't you cover David Bowie's "young Americans" on the Truth and Love tour?

Hey guys
I have gigs on the Truth and Love tour at Pavilion and Barrowlands in Glasgow and Edinburgh playhouse but no dates. Also Alness Averon in August, Inverness in November and Nottingham Poly on 29th November. I will try to get the dates for you.
many thanx chris, p&g
I saw H&C play in the Mitchell Library venue at what remains to be the most memorable gig by any artist that i have ever experienced. I'm sure it was in 92. It was a small intimate afair with tables and candles and waitress service. Like the opening scene from Good fellas. Pat wore a nce brown suit... Perched on a tall stool belting out all the tunes like it was his last ever chance to sing. There was some tangible emotion between the brothers. incredible night. My now wife and i have seen hundreds if not thousands of gig's since then but i'll never forget this one.... Only forget the date.... (We have a scrap book though with all of the old ticket stubs from memorable gig's gone by.... I'll look this one out during the next venture into the attic)
My friends and I travelled from Scotland down to London and saw you at the Kentish Town and Country Club....Don't remember too much about the gig, but I remember drinking with you back at the Metropole Hotel in London (my friend dated one of your sound guys at the time)....I remember you singing name of the Game in your purple suit (how sad am I) at the Pavilion in Glasgow, not sure if it was the same tour or not though....
you played redcar in 1992-thats where i bought "tinsel show' and subsequantly based an essay around your pseudo marxist notes-haha i loved the book but failed the essay!!

I saw Hue and Cry in Manchester; I think the venue was the Manchester Academy. I'm pretty sure this was in 1992 but I'm afraid I can't remember the exact date. I do remember it being bloody brilliant though!


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