H&C Live 2000 - What gigs did we do this year? Can you help us out?

Hi all,

Our archive/records are almost bare for 2000 - in our bones, we feel that can't be right... Are there any gigs from this time that you remember going to?

If you have any details - months, days, venues, towns - please let us know about them in the 'reply to this' box below. We'll take note, and turn them into proper gig 'discussions' in History City.

best, p and g xxx

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Hi guys,

Another ticket stub of mine from Saturday 15th July 2000 is proof of you supporting Van Morrison at "live on the lawn" at Crathes Castle near Banchory.

You guys were great, the weather was good then grumpy Van the man comes on and rattles through his set without a word to the crowd, couldn't believe it ! Did you guys meet him ? if so how was he with you ?



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