We might as well start at the beginning... the second year of Hue And Cry, and the time we started to do gigs around Glasgow, seeing press and record company interest (securing a deal with Circa records in the middle of that year.)

For ourselves, we have some pretty scattered memories - gigs at the Fixx, The Sub Club, Kelvingrove Bandstand and Maestro's, a BBC Scotland television show called FSD, sessions on Radio Clyde with Billy Sloan ... Our first single on Stampede Records, "Here Comes Everybody", also came out in 1986.

Can any of you out there be more specific? If you have any memories or memorabilia from those early days and gigs, we'd love you to write them in, and upload the images. Please fill in the 'reply to this' box below, and use the 'upload files' link underneath the box. We'll try and turn them into separate 'gig discussions' as we progress.

About the only 1986 audio-visual we can find is our videos of the first single from our 1987 album, Seduced And Abandoned, recorded in November 1986 in Los Angeles. Hope this jogs your memories...

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Is the first year of H & C very hazy! Correct me if I am wrong, I seem to remember you supporting Hipsway(could have been Love & Money) at a nightclub in Aberdeen called Ritzys(also known as The Palace). I remember saying to my mate " hey this support bands pretty good" (must be my namesakes music managerial skills!) but this ignorant Aberdonian didn't understand the track Aligator Man, thought it was crap, obviously went right over my head! But what was the year 1985?
I was there too. After H & C it went downhill that evening. :-)
The "Grasp The Thistle Tour" ?

I remember attending a gig at the Motherwell Civic Centre, I was but a wide eyed and innocent 16 year old.

Was the beginning of one of my more satisfying LTR's !
Great song and those great 80's images.........who said the 80's was naff!!!
Went to see you at the Leadmill in Sheffield, after buying a four track tape with Strength to Strength and Labour of Love on which got me hooked. Was around Sept of 87 I think. Tried to get someone to go with me to see them and nobody would go, so I took a "kareoke singer" of a girl just for company and an excuse not to go alone ! Sure I was 18, so it would be 86 not 87. Anybody out there know for sure.
Is it just me.... I've never heard this version of I Refuse before!! Who's the female singer who gets a couple of lines?!?
First memories for me was the Love & Money support slot at a club in tollcross in Edinburgh, remembering Pats intro "Good evening, we are Hue and Cry". From that magnificent gig, the four track 'I Refuse' tape was bought for 49p and a trek around Scotland ensued following H & C in their own right at various dodgy venues including Fat Sams in Dundee and the Henry Wood hall in Glasgow. My friend and I were only 16/17 and we would tell each others parents that we were staying at one anothers house, as there was no way we could get back home to Fife from these late night gigs, which ended with us sleeping rough on the streets and getting the first train/bus back in the morning. I remember once going up to a Fat Sams gig and it being cancelled due to a death in one of the band members family. Another gig in Fat Sams had Pat declaring ' I am hoarse. I am post cold' but he soldiered on regardless. The problem was that I was taping that concert (in order to spread the word) so the quality wasn't great. Tape recorders were rather large in those days so this was no mean feat. Anyway, happy days and there was great pride when Labour of Love finally made the breakthrough. Poor James Grant and Love & Money, however, still soldier on.......
Ah ... gr8 stories Kenny ... brought back some good memories ... It was our drummer (Tony McCracken) who's father had died ... He still managed to finish our first album and do a few gigs during that difficult period (What a star Tony was for doing that ...)
Love and Money's manager John Cunningham became our tour manager in the late 80's ...
Pat and I did the theme song for a short film called Sadie's Story in 2007 ... James Grant did all the incidental music for the film ... small world eh? ...

Mountford Hall at Liverpool University around 1988 was my first H&C gig.
I cant understand why you dont do Liverpool more often, fans are so much more knowledgable than the other lot up the East Lancs.
I remember seeing you in 1986 at the Pavilion in Glasgow supporting Love and Money. At least I think it was late 1986 or early 87. A bit hazy on dates but remember the gig so well. Was at a H&C gig at the Barrowlands also a bit hazy on dates think it was either 1991 or 1992. My god what a crap memory I have. Can't believe it was 20 odd years. Looking forward to the ABC on Saturday night.


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