Any other gigs Hue And Cry did in 1991? Can you help us remember?

We have gaps in our records... and it would be great if you could help us fill out History City, by racking your brains to see if there were any other gigs we did in 1991 this year - apart from all those listed below. Please let us know in the "reply to this" box below. Many thanks!

best, p&g x

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Now I could be wrong but I would say that around 1991 you played the Royal Albert Hall in London. I remember this for several reasons.
i. I managed (through a friend) to acquire free tickets for the show. I would say it was around the early summer?;
ii. I bumped into a presenter from 'Blue Peter' (that doesn't happen to me everyday);
iii. and it was the first time I had heard you cover an Abba track ('Name of the Game'?), which was "as shocking to us as it was to you" (to quote Pat on the night), but stole the show.
I have looked to find reference to this gig in the rest of the site but can't, so maybe its one you missed (although I would be surprised you could forget playing such a venue).
Tis True I was there too! a magical night my first and only visit to that amazing venue to this day. I had been given a cassette by a friend at the time of an accapella version of violently, and was blown away...played it till the tape wore out! And the awesome 'The man with the child in his eyes' ...Wow remember how deeply moved by the whole sound I was...and just delighted when I got hold of my very own copy of stars crash down, which remains in the forefront of my cd collection to this day. Anyway I digress. This was a treat of all treats..thank you guys for some utterly unforgetable memories complete with stunning soundtrack!
Hi chaps, corking night in sheffield the other week- felt like a teenager again for a couple of hours, bopping in the front row, and believe me that doesnt happen very often these days! anyway -I definately saw you play the university union in Manchester, cant remember if it was renamed the Academy by then or was about to be. It would have been in my first year which was 90/91, but beyond that I couldnt even narrow it to a month, tho Nov rings a bell. But I remember very clearly that I went on my own rather than miss it because I had no-one to go with,!I come from a sleepy sussex town and was in culture shock for most of my time at manchester uni , so it was a bit of a huge thing for me to go at all, let alone solo! Shows how big a fan I am !! it was stuff from stars crash down I remember you playing. And you were fabulous then as well, tho you have definately got better with age boys! Hope that helps jog someones memory somewhere! Pene Hayward! x
I'm fairly sure you played Newcastle CIty Hall. I remember as I was away in Norfolk and I rang home to make sure my parents bought me tickets to see you! You did a cover version of Name of the Game by Abba - it was absolutely amazing. I'm in a band now and keep wanting to do it just because how good you had done it all those years ago!!

In June 1991 we saw you in Stuttgart with Joe Jackson, the exact day we cannot remember! But it was an awesome evening, enjoying your fabulous music first and later Joe Jackson. It was the only time till now we saw you live! And this evening here in Glasgow it will be the second time, yess!

Greetings from Stefania and Stephan (from Germany)


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