A tour promoting the 'Showtime!' album on Permanent Records.

We encourage you to tell us your memories, post up your memorabilia, make yourself known to fellow fans. You can do so by filling in the white 'Reply to This' box below, and using the upload link below the box for pics.

best, g&p x

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If my memory serves correctly Pat was in a bad way suffering from a really bad cold and despite his difficulties it was still a great gig with the audience appreciating the 100% 'Hue & Cry must go on' attitude.
No pics, but lots of memories. We came up from Sheffield that night and we got lost on the ring road. Went past the same buildings about 5 times. But what a gig! I remember Pat having a sore throat or cold or something, but still gave a great "...performance here, just a presence that is warm and near..." Sorry I stole that from a song I remember. Seemed like maybe 200 or so people.


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