H&C Live 2011 - Rewind Festival - Scone Palace, Perth - 30th July 2011

Hi all, 

We're REALLY looking forward to playing our full-band set at Scone Palace for the Rewind Festival (TICKETS available here). 


If you're going, please organise your meet-ups here, suggest songs for us to play. And after the gig, we'd love to get your reviews, videos and pix. 


Best, love, pat and greg xxx 

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Hi Guys, can't wait to see you at Perth. Would really love to hear you play Goodbye to Me, especially the 1987 Fsd version (cool) great jazz chords. Your songs have been in my collection through Vinyl, walkman, discman and ipod. Never tire of listening to it.

Have a great gig!


Mark Holland

Great track Mark. Would also love to hear 'Tempted' again


u were amazin today, big thanks to the couple who let me right up to the barrier u made my day, been a lifelong fan and seen u lots of times but today was amazin! fantastic set, Pat ur voice is fantastic,and i love ur attitude! i was just smilin all day, come back soon xxxxx



you were fantastic  on saturday - not long enough set for me though but what you did was incredible!!!!Haven't seen you live for a few years - probably the set you did at stv studios or dundee rep was the last time?  I loved it.



Hey Guys,

Loved your set on saturday...although not long enough for my personal taste....lol. Also would've like you to have been on a bit later in the day...but yous were awsome as usual. I just wish I was going to Henley now. xxx

Hi just a couple of pics for you from Scone-Fab day out well done guys x


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