H&C Live 2011 - Rewind Festival - Henley-on-Thames, 20th August 2011

Hi all, 

We're VERY excited to be playing a full-band set at the Rewind Festival at Henley-on-Thames this August (TICKETS available here).

If you want to organise your meet-ups here before the gig please do. And after you've been to the gig, please post up your reviews, videos and pics to this page (or to the site). 

Much love, Pat and Greg xxx 

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Guys I thought you were awesome, I was doing a search to see if you were doing any gigs and up popped 80s Rewind, you were the reason I was there. You played a blinding set and I loved the track from the Open Soul album, anyone who is a fan would have sang along like moi.  Am surprised that you were 2nd on the listing, I think you deserved a place much later in the build up to the finale.  


Keep up the good work and I hope to see you on tour again real soon.


Jackie x

Was really chufffed to find out H&C were playing at Henley, only a hop,skip etc from my in-laws

What can I say.... Having manoeuvered myself to the front, as usual I sang my heart out and am a lil throaty today as a result, but who cares, it was well worth it.  Loved all the set and the different twists.  Gutted you weren't on for longer, but that seemed to be the way of the rest of the day, with some of the later acts only performing 3 songs!!!  You guys should definitely have had Katrina's slot or later!  Was stunned when a girlie next to me hadn't heard of you, but she was then completely thrilled that you 1) had a song called "Lookin' for Linda" (as this was her name) and 2) sang it - I think she thought you sang it for her.  My hubby, who's not really an 80's fan felt that H&C were by far the best of the day.  I'm biased of course, but couldn't agree more.  It was a shame the weather cleared up after the end of the H&C performance.  However all in all, the usual excellence of Hue and Cry reigns.  Roll on the next Gig.

PS anyone know which Sky channel the festival is to appear on???

Have just found it's on Sky Arts 1HD on Sunday 4th September at 10pm!!!

Thank you, Aileen - timer set... Hope you had a great weekend.


Great to see you again - as good as ever. Only disappointment was you were on so early - agree with Aileen that the Katrina/Bucks Fizz would have set us all up nicely for the evening. Headin for a Fall superb, and Pat won over the ladies around me with 'Violently'! Thanks for being part of a great day, so glad I'm 'back on board' with your music and hope to see you on tour soon.



You guys were the reason for me dragging my 6 year old twins back to the 80's!  Rewind was a wonderful experience and your set was just superb, great sound and the vocals were just as clear as they were 25 years ago!  Please come down to the Westcountry, we have some great theatres in North Devon and when you do, please play your Katie Bush cover of Man with the child in his eyes, it's cracking.  Thank you for an oh too short but brilliant set on Saturday.  love Pip.



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