H&C Live 2012 - HOT WIRE WEEKEND - Glasgow ABC - 30-31 March 2012

Hi all!


This is the grand launch of our forthcoming new studio record, Hot Wire, in one of those Hue And Cry Weekends (tickets here) - involving good food and drink, chats with us, and great music - which you know and love. If you want to suggest songs from the back catalogue that you'd like to hear (as well as getting a preview of Hot Wire), then let us know here. Also if you want to arrange meet-ups and post pix before and after the gig, that's fine too!

So looking forward to this - get ready for some serious funk'n'soul at the end of March

best, love, Pat and Greg x

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please please please, play 'she makes a sound'.  like many i had it playing when my daughter arrived into the world, but wear your wellies as im not promising that there wont be at least one member in the audience bubbling her eyes out, haha. Both she and i are attending for a mother and daughter bonding sesh .... Cant wait......

Oh and as long as i have your attention lads, may i please be so bold as to ask how i can obtain the above song signed so the said daughter can have it for a special occasion.  Just thought 'Labour of Love' another fav of mine could be just as apt, ha ha x

June McB xxx

Hai Pat and Greg,


Please play two little boys for me. We come back especially for you from the Netherlands.


Love Karin x

Just booked flight, hotel and tickets.... Yesss!

Hi guys,

Would love to hear you perform "life as text" at the next live gig. This is a personal fave along with the original version of "I Refuse".

Hope to meet up with you guys and get a pic too post on Facebook.

Never miss a Glasgow gig.


Gary Brown


Hi Chaps


She Makes a Sound; Life as Text; Vera Drives; Love is the Master and Just One Word for me please! All brilliant tracks, rarely heard these days.


Also a cover of Too Shy please, along with Misstra Know It All and Young Americans would be awesome.


We'll be travelling from the Midlands and my wife is a H&C "Virgin"! Her first gig...It'll be amazing!


Looking forward to meeting up with everybody




Hi Rob, Hot Wire will be released in March 2011 ... there will probably will be an "Impact Track" (new term for single :P) a couple of weeks before hand. Looking forward to getting stuck into promo for Hot Wire ... we've had gr8 feedback form the promo people we're using to work the record ... roll on 2012!


grandad-dave is probably i weeeee bit thick.. but does the saturday performance include the atternoon rehersals.. want to take a few pics for the website.. cheers dave

Yes, there will be access to the soundcheck and a Q&A with me and Pat on the Saturday of the Hot Wire Weekend.  So looking forward to it.


hi greg.. thanks for that and we hope you're having a good old yule tide.. see you in march and really looking forward to the gig..  want to get some great pics. for the website.. have a good one from grandad daveand annettee.... cheers 

Remote would be a good listen.

how about covering a gregory porter number..?? just a thought.. lol.. all you need's the silly hat.. and a beard.. and a!! well there you go.. see you in glasgow if we're still allowed..... cheers 

Hi Pat and Greg, we already have tickets for both nights, please please please sing "just say you love me" 

Looking forward to both nights



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