H&C Live 2012 - HOT WIRE WEEKEND - Glasgow ABC - 30-31 March 2012

Hi all!


This is the grand launch of our forthcoming new studio record, Hot Wire, in one of those Hue And Cry Weekends (tickets here) - involving good food and drink, chats with us, and great music - which you know and love. If you want to suggest songs from the back catalogue that you'd like to hear (as well as getting a preview of Hot Wire), then let us know here. Also if you want to arrange meet-ups and post pix before and after the gig, that's fine too!

So looking forward to this - get ready for some serious funk'n'soul at the end of March

best, love, Pat and Greg x

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Hi all,

Hopefully we'll be able to join you in march. Last time I saw you preform it was in Roxy in amsterdam 1989! But an avid fan ever since.... Favourite number would be Fireball! Or European child, or Once in a lifetime, or Widescreen or Finally...

Working on coming over from amsterdam, being there and meeting all of you!



I would love to hear Widescreen as well, can't remember how long ago this has been played at a gig??? (virtually the first h&c piano vocal song)

Also Little Man from Hot Wire, will there be a guest 'singer' on this one???



Tickets all booked and hotel. living out in the sticks and can you believe there is no t'internet coverage!!! not been on this site for ages but loving the new look.

Cant wait for the weekend, would love to hear a couple of earlies like just one word or Family of eyes, something that you haven't played since your return.

Good luck with the new record.

Chris n Lesley

Hey, just wanted to thank Pat, Greg, the band and the no half measures crew for another great weekend.

It is such a joy to see so many people having a good time at a Hue and Cry gig.

Also a mention for Pat and Greg, who work really hard at these things> The Q and A was really funny and informative>

It was especially nice to hear "Life As Text" again and I remembered all the words....RESULT!

Anyway see you in London and maybe Blackpool and Durham if the finances allow!!

Cheers again

Chris n Lesley


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