Back in the mid 90s, my songwriting and production career started taking off. I was working with a couple of publishers and they each put me in collaborative situations with several artists. I was/am inspired by many of them. So, the opportunity to write with or produce for artists I admired was a bonus for someone like me who lives and breathes pop music.


Imagine my excitement when I was approached by one publisher to collaborate with Hue And Cry, one of my favorite groups! Conversations between managers and publishers began in order to coordinate writing sessions during one of my many trips to the UK. Ahead of potential plans, I was given an eight song cassette in order to get familiar with some of their newer tunes. I didn't give away the game, though. I didn't want anyone to know I was such a fan! That doesn't always work in a collaborative situation. So, I played it cool.


Unfortunately, due to production and touring schedules, a meeting between me, Pat and Greg never materialized. Being such a fan, I kept the cassette all these years even though I don't own a cassette deck anymore. It has been nearly 15 years since I last listened to that eight song cassette.


Finally, after obtaining a low end cassette player with a USB on it, I managed to digitize the cassette. With Pat's approval obtained on Twitter and, hopefully, Greg's forthcoming thumbs up on the music club, I am pleased to share these songs with you.


Some of them have appeared on albums in different versions. Others have remained unreleased to the best of my knowledge. Hopefully, Pat and Greg will see fit to release these rarities along with the sax and strings version of "Peaceful Face" on a digital EP. What a great treat before the release of "Hot Wire"! Maybe bonus tracks on a deluxe version? Just throwing my two cents in, fellas! I'm sure the original tapes sound much better than the tracks I digitized from a crummy cassette player.


As someone who has produced a fair share of hits collections, compilations and box sets, I'm offering my services if you need a hand with that kind of thing.


The tracks are:


1. Beautiful Thing

2. She Moves Through The Wires

3. Won't You Let Me Be

4. Letter To My Lover

5. I Didn't Know

6. Make It Easy For Me

7. Say Goodbye (Instrumental)

8. Just Say You Love Me (Instrumental)


Cheers! Enjoy.



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Nice one, Vinny.


I had a demo copy of the entire 'Remote' album ( loaned out to some girl I was trying to impress, no doubt - never seen again!). 'She Moves Through The Wires' would have fitted in to that so well. Interesting to hear that version but SO glad they went with the feel of the finished 'Next Move' which was fast, fine and funky.


We are truly blessed to have these insights.


Thank you, once again.

Thanks, Paul. I've come across so much stuff over the years. I can't believe I just passed my 20th year in music. For some reason, I prefer the demo of "She Moves Through The Wires". I like "Next Move" for its bold direction. But I'm such a pop fan. But that's what's great about music. It moves people in all different manners.


I completely forgot to plug my blog. Go to if you're interested. Pleased to hear from you. Enjoy the music!

Thanks Vinny. Also I checked out your blog it's very good.
Thanks, Paul. Glad you like the H&C tracks and my blog. Much appreciated. Hope to see H&C on the next tour around the UK.
All those tracks have, in fact, been already released as part of two CDs which were available by mail order for a time - "Demonstration Recordings" and "NASCI Demonstration Recordings".
Thats news to me, Graham. Thanks for the info. I don't know how many fans might have those. So, I'm glad they are available here. Cheers!
Well they're available in CD quality if I'm allowed to post them up.
Well THAT would be fantastic, Graham. Should be OK since I got approval from Pat to put these up. Thanks!

post away dudes!


Awesome! Hope you can throw those CD quality files up here, Graham. We have the green light! Will be nice to have these in better quality.

Here's the first lot:



That was fast! You're a gent! Thanks.


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