Has anyone done this??

am i allowed to beg/ask/offer jaffa cakes for a copy??!

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I've uploaded all of our albums to our bandcamp site ...


... It took me a while!

In terms of singles/b-sides/remixes, I've got pretty much everything converted, including white labels. Plenty of time and love, as well as a LOT of money, spent on it.

But I won't be giving copies out without the guys ok-ing it. It's their stuff.

yes i  can imagine greg!

(btw poets day is still one of THE most criminally underrated songs in music.period)

Im stuck in NZ and all my hue and cry cds are back home in blighty...i'd love a chance to hear all those B-sides and old album tracks again

is it wrong to try and cover costs for popping the tracks on a wee memory stick if i were to supply the stick etc...or even offer my home as a holiday spot haah! its right on the beach in NZ!

thanks anyway for the replies-richard your name is almost an anagaram of where i used to live ..gourock!



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