This was taken from a audience recording, a delightful piano an vocal gig with some great songs ( Ricky don't lose that number , You do something to me and send in the clowns WOW)

The set list was All true man, The man with the child in his eyes, Widescreen, You do something to me, Send on the clowns, Shadow of a man, Stars crash down, Sonny Cried, Do Nothing, Making whoppee, Remote, I am John's heart, Just say you love me,Remember me, He's Mistra know it all and Ricky don't lose that number.

Again enjoy.


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Help needed, I can't seem to download this ?

Thanks In Advance.

Are you using RealPlayer? That has a download bar which will pretty much allow you to save anything streamed - with a few exceptions
Which doesn't work... Maybe that you can only use it if the files are postable to other pages. Peter - any chance you can edit the files to see if this will "unlock" them? Cheers.


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