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Massively unfamiliar with how to upload these, but I have 6 rare New State remixes (Remedy Mix, remedy Dub, Remedy Party Mix, Extended Remix, Kwanzaa Posse Airplay Mix and Man-d.A. and Keyb.T. Club Mix), and three remixes of Inbetween (no idea what these are called)

Anyone already put these up? Anyone want me to put them up and if so, want to tell me how's simplest?

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Wooohoo! that sounds magnifico. RIchard I think you just click on the link where it says "Would you like to upload files?" Locate the files and click upload and away you go. I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong.
Here are the inbetween ones, to see if this works
Have now worked out the uploading music to my music player on my page, so the new state remixes can be found there, as can labour of love remixes form the double 12" white label, sweet invisibility remixes from the 2 12" releases, and some radio stuff (richard littlejohn, janice long etc)

Have a bunch of other stuff but taking it a little at a time...
Richard - Thank you!! A much needed shot in the arm for the music club. Well done that man - keep them coming!


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