Following on from this thread EBay - original DAT Master From the album: Truth and Love I received the DAT tape and a cd containing 14 tracks. The track listing is:

1 In Between with vocals. 00:11 in on DAT-18/05/92 mix 1

2 In Between with vocals. 04:30 in on DAT- 18/05/92 mix 2

3 In Between instrumental version with backing vocals. 08: 49 in on DAT-18/05/92 Mix 1

4 Profoundly Yours. 13:14 in on DAT-18/05/92 mix 1

5 Profoundly Yours. 17:05 in on DAT-19/05/92 mix 2

6 Profoundly Yours instrumental version with backing vocals. 20:58 in on DAT 19/05/92 mix 1

7 Because You Are Nothing. 24:37 in on DAT-20/05/92 mix 1

8 Because You Are Nothing. 29:05 in on DAT-20/05/92 mix 2

9 Because You Are Nothing instrumental version with backing vocals. 33:28 in on DAT-20/05/92 mix 1

10 Profoundly Yours. 37:49 in on DAT-20/05/92 mix 3

11 Profoundly Yours. 41:33 in on DAT-20/05/92 mix 4

12 Profoundly Yours instrumental version with backing vocals. 45:34 in on DAT-20/05/92 mix 2

13 Profoundly Yours. 49:19 in on DAT-20/05/92 mix 5

14 Profoundly Yours. 53:08 in on DAT-20/05/92 mix 6

There are three or four tracks which sound distorted particularly on the intros which i guess is due to deterioration of the DAT tape but most of the songs sound very good. The instrumentals are particularly interesting and I was wondering if they have been made available previously on any singles etc ?? In fact I could do a pretty good entry into the fan tribute thread with these backing tracks. Ok that would be cheating.

I will put up the recordings soon assuming it is ok to do so.

EDIT: Just adding now. Hope this format and size is ok.

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The instrumental mixes were for TV performances ... Pat always likes to sing live, but most TV studios can't accommodate a full band live so we always do "instrumental mixes" or TV playback mixes as they're known. Looks like the Dat musta come from Castlesound Studios, thats where it was mixed.

Well done Paul for the fantastic find.

Would love to hear them as I am sure others would.
Thanks Andy we should thank Christopher Hutton who posted the original topic. That's interesting Greg about the instrumentals I love the backing vocals. I'll try and upload the AAC audio files if that's possible otherwise I'll have to convert to MP3.
OMG the quality is fecking excellent :)
Cheers Paul - glad you won the bid and posted the tracks up for everyone to enjoy.

Looking forward to listening to them - I'll keep my eyes open for any other unearthed gems that hit the open market!!

Here's some more:
Some More:
Here's the next lot:
Paul you are a Prince amongst men for sharing these files with us. Thanks again.
No Probs Andy. Have you heard any distortion yet? I'm just wondering whether the distortion I'm hearing is just to do with problems playing AAC audio on my ipod. I haven't tried through speakers.
Yes there is distortion on a few tracks but only at start.
I can't get these files to play. Both Win Media Player and WinAmp recognise the files, but just don't play anything. I don't own an ipod. anyone got a suggestion for playback of these tracks?


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