Following on from this thread EBay - original DAT Master From the album: Truth and Love I received the DAT tape and a cd containing 14 tracks. The track listing is:

1 In Between with vocals. 00:11 in on DAT-18/05/92 mix 1

2 In Between with vocals. 04:30 in on DAT- 18/05/92 mix 2

3 In Between instrumental version with backing vocals. 08: 49 in on DAT-18/05/92 Mix 1

4 Profoundly Yours. 13:14 in on DAT-18/05/92 mix 1

5 Profoundly Yours. 17:05 in on DAT-19/05/92 mix 2

6 Profoundly Yours instrumental version with backing vocals. 20:58 in on DAT 19/05/92 mix 1

7 Because You Are Nothing. 24:37 in on DAT-20/05/92 mix 1

8 Because You Are Nothing. 29:05 in on DAT-20/05/92 mix 2

9 Because You Are Nothing instrumental version with backing vocals. 33:28 in on DAT-20/05/92 mix 1

10 Profoundly Yours. 37:49 in on DAT-20/05/92 mix 3

11 Profoundly Yours. 41:33 in on DAT-20/05/92 mix 4

12 Profoundly Yours instrumental version with backing vocals. 45:34 in on DAT-20/05/92 mix 2

13 Profoundly Yours. 49:19 in on DAT-20/05/92 mix 5

14 Profoundly Yours. 53:08 in on DAT-20/05/92 mix 6

There are three or four tracks which sound distorted particularly on the intros which i guess is due to deterioration of the DAT tape but most of the songs sound very good. The instrumentals are particularly interesting and I was wondering if they have been made available previously on any singles etc ?? In fact I could do a pretty good entry into the fan tribute thread with these backing tracks. Ok that would be cheating.

I will put up the recordings soon assuming it is ok to do so.

EDIT: Just adding now. Hope this format and size is ok.

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Stephen I converted these tracks in itunes as I think the format is in a higher quality than normal mp3. So if you have itunes installed it should play them. I'm not sure what else you can use.
Final instalment:
Cheers Paul for sharing these gems with us - they're crystal-clear sonically. A big thank-you from me.

To those that can't convert them, I used dBpoweramp Music Converter (from Download it but don't buy it unless you want to.

It's a FREE converter (see for differences in versions) but doesn't do mp3s (but does give the option of WAV, which is the best you can get!).

Go to and download the specific codec for converting m4a files and away you go.

However, convert to WAV and then use another program to re-convert to mp3 if you really want to. There's lots of free ones on the net - just google 'free wav to mp3 converter'. Hope that helps.

Season's Greetings to all!
That's ok. No probs


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