where on earth can i get BITTER SUITE ON DVD?????????? (this is my 3rd attempt!!)

i would be awfully grateful


im in NZ and marooned of H C music!

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The Bitter Suite video was released 1989. DVD's were introduced around 1998. We left Circa records in 1991. So there was never a DVD of Bitter Suite, only VHS.

Hope this helps

Well I bought the DVD online and converted it to DVD it isn't all that hard or expensive. I typically don't share my music illegally Greg can have a copy if he wants to since he performed in it if you get a weaver from Circa to me they don't mind I can send you the DVD for free.I don't know much about the laws or legality of my (in) actions but I don't like it when people steal my stuff why should I steal someone elses. My real view of life and this issue is a little bit more complicated than that but in this case that's what it boils down to. I don't mean to offend I truly want to help.


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