I like pretty much everything the guys have done. That said, i must confess to being a little obsessive about JazznotJazz and Next Move. I'd never really been drawn to the genre before but must admit my life would not be complete without the aforementioned Linn label releases. I am a bit sycophantic these days towards anything the guys care to release but i would be delighted to see them dive headlong into another Jazz fest!. Your opinions please...

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Yeh, those two albums where very involved in the making ... we used some of the best jazz players around to help us make them ... I seem to remember a lota hours spent practizing the piano :-/ ... got good reviews and sold pretty well ... don't worry Jamie, there's a track on "Open Soul" called "Twisted Heart" which leans heavily on the Linn years style ... hope u like it

Hi P/G,

Part of me was tremendously happy y'all didn't succumb to the recent avalanche of albums pertaining to be of a "swing" orientation.


Part of me would love to see it, if ever a vocalist was more suited to this genre I can't think of him (or her) other than the great Mr Bennett.

Any plans?
jazz plans on hold for the next year or so, while we promote Open Soul, Kenny... but it's part of our DNA, so it will inevitably return in some form.

best, p&g
Fiscal prudency permitting, a big band album would, I suspect, be stunning.

I have waited this long re Open Soul.

In the words of Johnny Logan, Whats Another Year ?
I totally agree with you Jamie - Jazz not Jazz is a truly excellent album and a future Hue and Cry jazz fest would be great. I love all the guys music though, so I am sure I'll love any direction in which they take their music. I'd love to hear the Rememeber Me and Finally performed live - both are epic tracks that send tingles down my spine.
Here it is, Remember Me, courtesy YouTube. enjoy! p&g x

Thanks for this - it's really great that you take the time out to reply. The performance certainly didn't disappoint.
I also enjoyed the Jazz ablums, but for me, the old songs along with the new material is fantastic. Although it seems to have been the longest wait for the album and a tour, it sure looks worth it.
I also love all of H&C`s stuff but my fave "era" if you like, spanned the Stars Crash Down, Truth and Love and Showtime albums. They for me are the boys at their very best and contain some absolute gems so, for me anyway, back to the old school.
Mainstream Old School for me, I'm afraid. My ignorance of jazz techniques stems from disinterest. Try as I might, I can't really get into it. It's too niche, and strikes me as the best possible way to radically reduce the marketplace.

The Hue and Cry I've admired for years perform music that spans various genres, passing through pop on the way. Nothing wrong with that, in my eyes.

If you didn't do another jazz album, bois, I wouldn't mind a bit!
I'll place another vote for Pop Soul. I don't mind Jazz per se, but I find it a pretty limiting idiom. Sure, there are those who can transcend Jazz (like the sadly departed Esbjörn Svensson), but I think the Kane brothers do a much better job in the Pop Soul department; the songs from Remote and Stars Crash Down seem to me to have much more compositional depth and rely less on just following genre convention than the later jazz stuff (although I'll admit it's been a while since I listened to but the the three first H&C albums, which are almost always in my personal rotation).

And that was one long sentence there at the end...sorry about that.
You know, it's only just occured to me that this discussion is in the totally wrong place! Musical direction?/Lyrics lab? I'm a bit dim... never mind, a bit "Late in the Day" to be moving it now... ;0) After all, 3 months is a pretty quick realisation period for me! I think 'Open Forum' would have been more the ticket.. ho hum...


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