I like pretty much everything the guys have done. That said, i must confess to being a little obsessive about JazznotJazz and Next Move. I'd never really been drawn to the genre before but must admit my life would not be complete without the aforementioned Linn label releases. I am a bit sycophantic these days towards anything the guys care to release but i would be delighted to see them dive headlong into another Jazz fest!. Your opinions please...

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Something along the lines of Goldie Looking Chain or Beastie Boys would be amusing and i am sure they could pull it off.

Seriously, i would prefer them to produce more Piano and Voice type stuff. Anything other than a piano takes the focus away/gets in the way of Pats voice IMO. I would love to see them do this type of album made up entirely of cover versions (quick financial winner) similar to that what David Gray has recently produced, double disc it with a Live Cd and everyone is a winner !!
Great idea Darren about the covers/live CD but I'd rather see a covers / b-sides CD and maybe a DVD of the live stuff.

I love that the band have this 'site and it is truly fabulous to have some input into how the music reaches us. Even if only a small percentage of it makes any difference it is a small percentage more than any other artists out there eh?

I can see a sure-fire album winner being a covers/b-sides with the ongoing requests on the 'site for a resurrection of some of the older and less well known H & C numbers. I would imagine there are a number of issues with this though in that the covers album would not be a profitable one given the royalties to the original artist. Then there’s the stuff that's flowed with Linn & Circa there's potentially conflict there in bringing back to life some of the stuff from back in the day – which in itself leads to perhaps one of the bigger hurdles, this would potentially be too big a step backwards when the guys are looking to energise their creative sides with the new stuff. When all is said and done the reason we all enjoy the H & C magic is because of their amazing song writing abilities and delivery of the tunes thereafter. I’m sure you own the Piano & Voice CD, I think that type of CD is timeless, a few covers, a few H & C classics and some live stuff too.

In fairness it matters little to us lot here on the fan site what P&G choose to do next, we'll buy it and undoubtedly enjoy it on some level, all I know is that I am pleased they are back and producing the kind of music that they are - where they go with the 'site and the release of new/old/covered stuff is all a bonus eh?

As I'm a child of the 70's and 80's, I'm a big admirer of George Benson, Luther Vandross, even Kenny Thomas (who has a kind of similar voice to Our Pat), so I'd like to see what H&C could do with some of the soul numbers - 'Outstanding' comes to mind, as does 'Never Too Much' and even 'I Feel For You'. Just look at how they transformed 'Crazy In Love!'

Hey - Greg - get on the blower to Kenny Thomas and lets see how a duet goes! That would be pretty damn cool... Why not the Jackson and Macca duets, re-imagined: 'The Girl Is Mine' or 'Say Say Say' :)
i think the guys have got to go in whatever direction the music takes them. It;s hard to resist commercial pressure and the urge is to give in to the demands of success, but creativity cannot and should not bend to this. Just let the music out in its purest and most natural form and have fun doing it
Would love to hear more of the 50s style stuff Pat sang, like the Tab Hunter song Young Love.


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