Welcome to the latest in our Lyrics Labs - tied to the tracklisting of 'Open Soul', the new Hue And Cry studio album, released on 15th September. This one is for the first single from the album 'The Last Stop', released on 1st September (you can hear it in full on the Music Player, at the main page of the site).

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best, p & g x

The Last Stop
Blairhill Music

The road taken

Get out of your bed, don't wanna be late
It's your big chance for your big escape
You hear that old bell, it's ringing for you
A change gonna come and it's well overdue
So just let me say
I don't intend to be the guy that you leave behind
But we don't know how much
Of a journey we got
Till we hit the last stop

Baby you been through the wars
You've put in your time
I know you expected it all to be fine
But better to move
On somebody's line
Than sit in the darkness waiting for signs
So just let me say
I don't intend to be the guy that's left on the tracks
But we don't know how much
Of a journey we got
Till we hit the last stop

This journey takes longer than we reckoned
Would you have missed one single second?
All of the temptations that beckoned
Barely worth the pain
Imagine we'd stayed at home together
Watching the dark and stormy weather
Would we regret that act forever?
Well you know we would
But we don't know how much
Of a journey we got
Till we hit the last stop

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dudes u really should play liverpool, capital of culture 08.
Spirited Away is one of my all-time favourite films, and the scene on the train is really powerful - that it was used as part-inspiration for this song is great.

As a regular rail commuter I can't wait for The Last Stop to accompany me on my iPod.
I absolutely love this section along with Greg's, it's fantastic to see what goes into making a song, very very interesting. I'm glad I'm not the only one that doesn't drive!! Weird how people just don't get why we don't eh! Plenty of time to think and listen to great music with another album joining that mp3 list very soon.

Thanks for sharing your hard work guys luv it xx

A Classic!!

Greetings from a Scot temporarily in Russia!!

For me this song is about the struggle for minorities, whoever or from wherever they may be, to remain positive about the future and believe that their journey, despite the setbacks and barriers, is worth the hassle and pain.

With confidence move forward and belief!! Great anthem for all liberal people who believe in change for the right reason!!
I'm a Japanese.
Although I don't watch Japanese animation much, I'm glad to know that you like the film and a part of our culture contributed your inspiration.
brill, a friend of mine recently passed away at far too young an age. and how true are those lyrics . brilliant


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