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Welcome to our resumption of the Labs videos (after our bit of live activity), with Pat's Lyrics Lab on the fifth track on Open Soul, 'Plan B'. . Like 'Headin' For A Fall', we're a bit spooked that songs we wrote 2-3 years ago seems to be anticipting the current crisis - "Maybe the markets will tremble favourably", indeed... Anyway, we'd love to hear what you think of this troubled hymn to the creative, freelance life - please put your comments in the 'reply to this' box below.

best wishes P&G x

Plan B
(G.Kane/P.Kane, Blairhill Music)

A Freelance Anthem

Maybe we'll build us a palace like the man proposed
Maybe the markets will tremble favourably
Surely they got back to us while we were indisposed
In any case, babe, we're down to Plan B

Maybe our great revolution needs a little spark
Maybe I do laugh unnecessarily
Surely this e-mail will be a candle in the dark
In any case babe we're down to Plan B

Could it be more than a partnership can bear now?
What kind of people can live under this strain?
Make it the best that we can and give it prayer now
Something will break through the barriers we face

Maybe the future is brighter than the record shows
Maybe it's time that you missed one month for me
Surely the highs won't be fun if we don't hit the lows
In any case babe we're down to Plan B

Maybe we're lost, maybe found
The only way's up from the ground
In any case babe we're down to Plan B


Daniel Pink, Free Agent Nation and A Whole New Mind - resources for freelancers

Charles Leadbeater's We-Think

And for a slightly different take on what you need to stay afloat as a freelancer, Richard Sennett on the importance of craft.

The boy Kane done wrote a book on all this too...

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"You can go up in flames or you can go down in flames but just be in flames!" Excellent! Like a 'Fireball' maybe?
Great Stuff Pat, insighful to the max. When i first heard this track i assumed it was purely about the relationship between 'Joe and Joanne' and hadn't thought too much further,(being the insufferable dullard that i am),but it's an excellent all round look at the subject and once again we discover that there is so much more to any Hue & Cry song than meets the ear!

Bravo, can't wait for the next one.. David Lynch eh? crikey.. ;0)
As someone who's given up teaching after 15 years and is now trying to live that freelance lifestyle, I can appreciate the lyrics in Plan B. What a great song and what a great album. Does anyone write more meaningful or relevant pop songs?
Having a partner and 2 girls I have to listen to a lot of pop rubbish about the same old nonsense. What a relief to have Hue and Cry back!
Ok so dont larf but I thought this song was about the 2nd coming of H+C. Apart from the word babe and the obvious pregnancy thing I Actually thought it was about the lads making another stab at pop stardom. :)
I'm with Andy - I too thought this was about the second coming of the band, figured the babe bit was them explaining to their "significant others" about the whole; "this is H & C, this is what we did and this is what we're doing now" ergo - Plan B. That's how I thought the "can it be more than this partnership can bear now" line came about.

I get the whole "work ethic" thing and I am pretty sure I practice it by accident (havenae read the book but understand the principle), left full time employment a few years ago now to do my own thing and get a lot of what Pat is saying, now I have to listen to the song another couple of hundred times to get the full meaning of the track and message I guess.

"Surely the highs won''t be fun if we don't hit the lows" - hmmm, I'd like to agree with that, however, I am pretty sure I could appreciate the highs just fine if they kept on coming month after month. Yes, I've thought it through and can confirm that the lows suck and the highs can keep on a-coming with nae issues. ;-)

PS When are you doing a lyrics lab on "Connect"?
PPS I was on holiday when you were doing the intimate gigs, very unfair, quite why you didn't take my schedule into account when planning these performances is both irritating and unacceptable chaps, please check with us members in future before any performances otherwise I shall be forced to cancel my subscrption and demand a refund. Thank you. With this in mind I am sure you can do a gig at HOF Dundee before Xmas? I'll buy another deluxe GTi 4 x 4 turbo album to cover any costs you may incur. xx
Got the album at Christmas and was frustrated by their being no lyrics, hence joining up today. At first I thought Plan B started with "palace like the man proposed" but then decided it was "Palestine the man proposed". Under the present circumstances maybe you can see why...... I'm just getting to grips with the album but so far Plan B is already has the makings of a classic Hue and Cry song.
Why no date in Dundee on the current tour....?
Doug Binnie, Broughty Ferry, Dundee


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