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Here's the latest in our series of Lyrics Labs, explaining the meaning behind the songs of our new album, Open Soul. This week, we're highlighting a song that's quickly become a favourite of yours, both the recorded and the live version - 'Stumble Through The Dance'.

As always, keen to hear your responses - please comment below. Best, P&G x

Stumble Through The Dance

For all the girls, in all their glory

(P.Kane/G.Kane, (c) Blairhill Music, 2008)

In a hall somewhere, breathing perfumed air
Is a girl I've known from before she's born
She steps bold and free, easy on her feet
And the future's closer with every beat

Keep myself upright, face up to the light
And I'll stumble through the dance with you
Let me be inspired, let me not be tired
And I'll stumble through the dance with you

In a yard in town, with her face at frown
Is a girl who tries to live a perfect life
Some she wins, some lose, leaving cut and bruise
But I know she'll be anything she choose

Every hip that shakes, every give and take
Helps me stumble through the dance with you
Forward pause and back, till my heart goes craic
And I'll stumble through the dance with you

Somewhere on a hill, walking slow and still
Is a girl who knows nothing's ever closed
And we walk in time, and we speak in rhyme
When our dance begins no-one's left behind

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There’s a girl who tries to lead a perfect life:

I have a 12-year-old daughter and the above line resonates with me so much! I can relate fully to the entire song, however, from the whole album this is one of the stand-out lyrics for me as every time I hear it I visualise my own daughter and think of her - every single time.

This is a really simple song with well thought out lyrics and an unlimited amount of sentiment, I bet there isn’t a parent alive who wouldn’t get that song at first listen, so clear and concise. She Makes A Sound was a perfect song for the moment too, and whilst the message was reasonably straight-forward, I believe it was not as pronounced as the Stumble metaphors, meanings and descriptions.

In my daily debrief with my daughter in the car from school yesterday I was told that they are already planning who is going with who to the Christmas Dance, I was also informed who she hoped would ask her and I thought of this song and the song , how interesting there should be a Lyrics Lab on this very tune today!

Anyhoos, thanks for the run-through of the song Pat, made sense the first time I heard it to be fair and the only surprise was the Lilo & Stitch thing! Quite remarkable where you find inspiration sometimes eh?

This song is very emotional for a 40+ man it bought a tear to my eye............I have two daughters and it conjured up all manner of feelings and thoughts........a great experience ...the more i hear it the more I want to hear it again and again.Simple fantastic.........Thank you
I enjoyed listening to your explanation of this truly wonderful song. This song holds a special place in my heart, I very recently lost my father and after leaving the hospital after saying my final goodbyes I got into the car and this song was the next one on the CD to play. I sat and listened to every word with tears running down my face. It makes me think of the special relationship we had together. I adore this song very much. Thank you. Tx

My daughter was 17 yesterday.

Big party spent the day running a hired carpet cleaner around every inch of the place..She was tired today and so didn't join me at the gig in Newcastle tonight.

Shame...it was the best i've seen the boys since the days of the big concert hall days. She would have loved the night especially the rendition of Franks Little green apples.

I am dreading her leaving for University this time next year the only possible upside being she is fancying Glasgow or Edinburgh so WE might see more of the fantastic wordsmiths and jazz merchants that are Hue and Cry.

Cheers boys....you and the band were fantastic tonight.


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