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Welcome to the first Lyrics Lab - it's on 'Fireball', the opening track from our forthcoming album, Open Soul. Like Pat says in the video, though his lyrics have a particular inspiration and theme, the audience has every right to interpret the lines their way, and respond to the ideas that are raised in the song. Pat will be visiting here over the next few days and will get involved in as many of the discussions as he can. Hope you find it interesting!

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From the album "Open Soul" on Blairhill Records

Baby don’t take cash
Baby don’t take credit
Baby takes it out
Gets ninety odd pounds of flesh
And she puts it to work
Pixel perfect
When she’s in my hand
Catch her in the morning
She’s wandering through some foreign land

She’s burning like a fireball
She’s consuming one and all
A sight that delights and appals me
She’s roaring like a hurricane
Leaving nothing quite the same
Bringing good stuff to my brain

Such a big noise in the room
She talks, she booms
You know it's true
Everybody got to get with her plan
Makes a hundred thousand
In one single day
You know it's true
That’s she’s right on
Her righteous way

She’s burning like a fireball
She’s consuming one and all
A sight that delights and appals me
She’s roaring like a hurricane
Leaving nothing quite the same
Bringing good stuff to my brain

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Brings to mind of Hilary Clinton's recent bid for presidency and how her assertiveness and strength has brought out a broad range of reactions amongst many Americans.
I appreciate your candor that is evident in the line "A sight that delights and appalls me".
PAT: Hi Sam, thanks for your opening comment. Hilary is very much on my mind at the moment. She clearly felt that in order to be a credible presidential women candidate, she had to take a series of 'kick-ass' positions - we will 'obliterate' Iran, the 'kids in the bed' campaign ad ("who do you trust in a crisis to be commander in chief"?). While, irony of ironies, Obama gets the chance to stand as the idealistic, anti-Iraq war, 'softer' candidate. It's that hard style of power that "appalls" or turns me off personally, whether used by men or women. Though as I say in the vid, there has to be a basic "delight" - and as a dad of daughters, I can sincerely say this - in seeing powerful women progressively take ever bigger stages for the first time.

But thank god, pop lyrics allow you to be confused and contradict yourself ... That's the glory of pop lyrics: when the rhyme scheme demands it ("so, what the hell is an interesting second end rhyme going to be after 'Fireball'?..Ok, let's try 'appall'..."), you have to go with it.
Hi Pat,
Interesting to see how the polished/finished track has evolved from the early demo - p/vox version I have from about 5/6 years ago. Don't know if you caught the recent drama on Thatcher? Brilliant portrayal - consuming one and all in her path! Looking forward to hearing the whole album come Sept.
Paul Rendel
ps Popping over to Blackpool on Sat to see we bro GJ x
Hi Paul, great to hear from you... like the new digs we have? we tip our hat to the pioneer (lindawho.com)! We were doing an interview with Billy Sloan today on a track by track coverage of the new album, and the whole question of Thatcherism came up, linking together Labour of Love and Fireball. Am I actually a child of the Thatcher generation more deeply than I realise, in terms of this fascination with female authority? I will check that show out, with some nervousness...
Hmm...seems like a fascintating interview - will it be online anytime? Garry John did ask if I heard it - alas, it's not reached the shores of Stockport yet.
Love the new set up you and Greg have done here. Puts tartan push buttons to shame....ahhh those halcyon days!
I have a load if stuff you may be interested in sometime...? Will dig some rather, ahem, incriminating pics/stories out.

Such a strong song (possibly my favourite from the album). Talking about lyrics - whenever I play this at home, my four year old son sings along with the chorus.

Often, when I am pottering around the house, the song pops into my head. I sing "She's burning like a fireball" to myself and then my little lad pops up from nowhere "she's consuming one and all".

P E R F E C T melt your heart Dad moment!


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