Lyrics Lab - which songs would you like Pat to do a Lab on?

hueandcrybig.jpgThanks for watching the Lyrics Labs so far - they'll be covering the tracks of Open Soul, in sequence, month by month over the next year. But we'd be interested to know which lyrics from the hundreds there are over the last twenty-odd years you would like Pat to do a "Lyrics Lab" on. Please pile up your suggestions in the comment box below, and we'll see what we can do...

best, p+g xxx

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Stars Crash Down! I know you have explained this before, but I'd be interested in hearing a 'then and now' interpretation.
Guys - give me a run down on Sweet Invisibility.
A great song indeed, the lyric "free from little cricket taunts" sticks in my mind. But how about - and here is an obscure choice indeed - the lyrics to "Indifference", which was a track on a cassette EP I bought in Newcastle 20 years ago while training on the Newcastle Chronicle. Not any album, I think?
how about my fave hue and cry song-POETS day???
I refuse, of course...
I would love to hear you guys to an version of an old Jazz standard like Autumn Leaves, just piano and voice, not as in Eva Cassidy ( too busy) or Frank Sinatra ( too slow), but i think you guys would do it great justice
Stars Crash Down - I've never heard you explain it and I'd love to.
She Makes A Sound............ I became a mum last year and it seems to tie in a lot of my feelings! Was it same for you guys?
She makes a sound - one of my many favourites - it's enough to make any parent weep!

The description of the anticipation, how the ordinary becomes extraordinary, the heart stopping suddeness of that fierce love and awe you feel when you hear that cry- just so close to the reality.

Ali x
This is the one I'd love to hear explained too. For no particular reason "the universe contracts into her smile" is my favourite song lyric of all time.

This one pllllleeeeeeeaaaaaasssseeeeee.
I vote "Making strange" from "Stars crash down" album. Yes!
'I Refuse'.


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