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Welcome to the second 'Lyrics Lab' tied to the songs of Hue And Cry's forthcoming album, Open Soul. This one is for the second track on the album, 'Headin' For A Fall' (you can hear a full exclusive play of the song by clicking right here).

The lyrics are below the video, along with some other website links that give some more background to the song. As ever, Pat's eager to hear your comments and responses! (Go to "Reply to this" box beneath the vid).

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Headin' For A Fall


(c) Blairhill Records

White lies
Comin' out of every mouth around me
Baby I
Simply don't know who to believe
Blue skies pixellated
On a screen above my head
And I
Wish that it only was a dream
I'm reeling from the Real
Because it hits me like I've run into a wall
Better get me some momentum
Because otherwise I'm heading for a fall

Brother, sister listen
This ain't no time for wishin'
We got a world ambition
Heading for it, heading for it
Brother, sister waken
History won't stand no fakin'
This world it needs some shakin'
Headin' for it, headin' for a fall

Big-time politician
Standing on that favourite stage tonite
Wonder how else they get their kix
That's apple pie and motherhood
And wireless in the neighbourhood
Oh my
We need a brand new bag of tricks
Instinctively I feel
That it's important to be stylishly appalled
Though lately I do recognise
It's likely that we're heading for a fall

A sample of K-Punk: on Gordon Brown

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