As a follow-up to my chat with Pat at the Northampton gig a few weeks ago ...

 My room-mate and I at university spent on entire 3rd Yr discussing what Showtime revealed of the boys' life events and how if we could only meet them we could solve all their problems with the quality of our devotion...

anyway ....

I am CONVINCED that the Hue & Cry back catalogue could be engineered into the most awesome movie ever -  I'm just annoyed that the Proclaimers got there first with Sunshine on Leith, although perhaps it just proves that it is possible to do ?

My favourite daytime musings at the moment is dreaming up a screenplay in which my favourite songs would fit perfectly.... my plots are all v predictable, torturous love stories though, so I was wondering if anyone else wanted to have a go .


Post your movie 'treatment' in the form of a set-list and infill story here and we can convince P&G to green light it  (My only payment needs to be a 5th row seat at the premiere, ok ?)

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Addendum :

Obviously the girl has to have red hair

And NOT be called Linda - too predictable !


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