In the past few months, I've thought about this song and feel that it was ahead of its time.

I think I read that it was about the internet, social networking and record companies (at least one of the subjects?), but could the guys clarify what the exact meaning and inspiration behind it was? It seems more relavent than ever now.

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Earlier, I accidentally sent a message, instead of a post :).
Yes, about an early vision of the Internet. The title of song came from an advert reproduced in a film studies journal called Screen I read at university - specifically this tho this version doesn't have
the original graphic. I have the PDF, will try to post it up. We're rewriting The Only Thing, from
the viewpoint of a drone/AI...
But the original was essentially a scenario where office people connected by computer networks decide to rise up against their employers/authorities...
So yes, a wee bit prophetic...

Thanks Pat!

I remember Pat's comments on 'Widescreen' being about "how people are determined by images in the media and even our sweetest dreams", but I was just curious as to whether the song was also inspired by an early vision of the internet.

It hadn't occured to me until a recent mention, that 'Virus of Love' also touched on it.


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