Welcome to the first of Greg's 'Music Club' videos - where he reveals the production and composition secrets behind Hue And Cry's music, past and present.

'Fireball' is the opening track to our forthcoming studio album, Open Soul. We really invite your comments below, about any aspect of Greg's presentation - and Greg will respond as he's passing by... The video mentions that we will be providing some backing tracks from 'Fireball' for users to remix - keep an eye out for news of that soon.

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Fantastic stuff! Your presentation was so much more than I thought it would be. I wasn't expecting a complete production and songwriting breakdown of one of your new tracks from "Open Soul". As a songwriter and producer, I'm always listening in between the notes and instruments trying to find out what makes a song tick. Thanks for sharing a new one! Your site blows away most band sites. Can't wait for the album. Glad you guys are back! Thanks for the inspiration.

All the best,

Couldn't agree more with the comments above!

Great stuff Greg, thanks for taking the time to share all that with us! Can't wait for the files so I can have a crack at a remix!
Thanks v. much ... the music labs are gr8 fun to do ... Glad ur looking forward to me making the multitracks available ... as u can imagine, with file size limitations, its gonna take me a wee while to workout the best way of uploading the multitracks. But once I've figured it out I'll let everyone know.

All the best

Greg - how about just posting a couple of individual track files as MP3s? Is there the need for multi-track files? Just a suggestion but perhaps just the guitar line and the vocals? The track sounds great by the way.
advise noted ... yeh was gonna post up Kit(stereo), Bass, Gtrs, Pno, Bvs(some, not all. In stereo), Lead vox, Horns, Perc ... that's 8 files. Prob have to be Mp3's ... I've got to post them up to a mule site I've created and test downloads b4 I put them out there. Will keep u posted.


Out of interest, did you ever take the option on your own masters from the Circa Records days? The only reason I ask is that I wouldn't mind having a go (i.e. remixing) at some of the older tracks, especially those with really good live brass (3 Foot Blasts, Labour Of Love etc). I've always been a big fan of real brass, Kick Horns, Tower of Power etc, and as it's notoriously hard to record real brass it makes me even more appreciative when I do hear it.

The argument of 44 vs 96 and 16 vs 24 rages on, but recording good brass is surely the perfect reason for the latter.
Yes, I have access to the multitracks of our early albums ... gonna do "Special Edition" Music/Lyric Labs on the old stuff towards the end of the year ... keep ya posted ... Gave up on 88.2/96 Khz a long time ago ... CPU's could handle it but the Hard Drives/Buses/IO's couldn't ... 48Khz/24bit thru Apogee's/Benchmark's is fine for me ...

Wow, totally mind blowing..... reminds me of Becker and Fagen talking through the making of the tracks on Aja.

Amazing stuff , thanks for giving us an insight into how you put all your ideas together to make the solid foundation to a killer track.

Hue and Cry have just laid down the gauntlet to other bands.

Keep them coming.


Just watched this again.... love the little aside from Greg in the BV section... "It's very good that..."

Too right.... great lewis Taylor moment!
In the words of Borat "Wowaweewa!" Not only am I now VERY excited about hearing the rest of the album but I'm really looking forward to messing about with the uploaded files. I've messed about with tracks like that in the past just using either Fruity Loops or Acid, and you can really make your own wee versions of other people's tunes.

And love the genuine reaction from you Greg upon listening to those "BV's" again. It really is very good that.
Ah ... I never thot of doing the files as Fruity/Acid/Apple loops ... gr8 idea ! Any tempo ... any key ! ... so works ...


What pre-amp and mic do you use for recording Pat's vocals? There's a nice clarity to them, they don't sound particularly coloured or EQ'd, hence I wondered what you'd used.

The site looks really good and the music lab is an excellent idea!



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