Music Labs - which songs would you like Greg to do a Lab on?

hueandcrybig.jpgThe Music Labs are a great success so far - they'll be covering the tracks of Open Soul, in sequence, month by month over the next year. But we'd be interested to know which tracks from the hundreds we've made over the last twenty-odd years you would like Greg to do a "Music Lab" on. Please pile up your suggestions in the comment box below, and we'll see what we can do...

best, p+g xxx

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Apologies all - routine maintenance, hit the wrong button! Please post again... best, h+c
Two stikes and your out ha ha ha.
Is it only songs from the new album that you are able to do the labs on? Would love to know the process for Late in the Day off of Stars Crash down. Especially the intro, and the part fading in at the end that sounds like Barbers Adagio for strings.
Great idea about "Late in the Day" - I always thought that was a minor epic. How good would it be to re-record that with a full orchestra???
Please Greg "Perfect Life" from "Showtime" a song with such potential just crying out to be speeded up and some "earth,wind and fire"horns thrown in.
"Late in day"- Im with you all the way! Hueandcry has some major songs hidden among the great ones. Go guys!
All suggestions noted ... I have access to the multitracks of our older stuff ... (only downer is I might have to go to New York to get them ... Ha Ha !) ... I'm planning to do "Special Edition" Music/Lyric Labs on the early stuff l8r on this year ... will keep ya posted.

"... only downer is I might have to go to New York to get them"

Don't you go exerting yourself Greg, I'm sure you have better things to do here, and for that reason I'll reluctantly offer to collect them on your behalf!!!
History city of course!
I vote for "Making strange" rearranged with strings.
I'd like a music lab on Remember Me from the Jazz not Jazz album -my 12 year old daughter plays the sax and absolutely loves this track especially Tommy's performance. I'd also like you to do Finally from the same album as it makes me cry.


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