Music Labs - which songs would you like Greg to do a Lab on?

hueandcrybig.jpgThe Music Labs are a great success so far - they'll be covering the tracks of Open Soul, in sequence, month by month over the next year. But we'd be interested to know which tracks from the hundreds we've made over the last twenty-odd years you would like Greg to do a "Music Lab" on. Please pile up your suggestions in the comment box below, and we'll see what we can do...

best, p+g xxx

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I would like labs on 'Free Like You' from Jazz not Jazz lots going on there also European Child from the new album would be great too! I love the labs it reminds me of those great Classic Album shows that used to be on tv the Steely Dan one was my fave.
Yes 'Free Like You' is a great shout as it sounds so complex - might need an hour long Music Labs special. I would love to see the following done also:

Strength To Strength
Three Foot Blasts Of Fire
Life As Text
Profoundly Yours
"... Music Labs - which songs would you like Greg to do a Lab on?"

"Ernie" by Benny Hill, or Benny's own theme tune (the name of which escapes me)...?????
Id love the chords to History City, Strength to Strenght and Next Move. My 3 favs!!
Any chance of a music lab for either Looking For Linda, Labour of Love or She Makes A Sound?
The standout song for me from way back is My Salt Heart; I just love it to bits.

I've tried, without luck, on many occasions to find the music (tab, really) so I could have a go at it on my guitar. I'm not really very well-practiced at transcribing so any clues/ help to get me started would be magnificent.
remembrance and gold!

Hello Amura and welcome to our Music Club. I will get round to doing a Music Lab for Remembrance and Gold next year. But in the meantime here's the sheet music I did for Remembrance and Gold for a Songframe order. Greg


Can you send me the lyrics? I can't find them anywere!

The lyrics are printed on the inner sleeve of the CD of the album Stars Crash Down. U'll find them there.


Here's the words from the printed inner sleeve from the "Stars Crash Down" album. G :)

Remembrance And Gold lyrics

Thank you soo much! It means a lot to me, because I'm brazilian and I barelly speak english.. The lyrics will help me a lot! The best christmas present ever! Mery Christmas to you!


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