Welcome to the second in Greg's Music Labs, moving through the tracks on our forthcoming album, Open Soul, in tracklist order. This is 'Headin' For A Fall', and as ever, Greg invites your comments and responses below. We'll be putting links to elements from these tracks that you'll be able to download, and remix, very soon. Meantime, hope you enjoy this!

best, p&g

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Are you playing the acoustic right-handed, and the tele left-handed, or has someone swapped the negatives over? If you are playing both, that's a VERY cool trick indeed........ or you're Michael Angelo Batio in disguise!

ha ha ... it was actually the reflection from glass on a gobo that was filmed ... wish I could play gtr lefthanded ... as it is, I just about get by righthanded ! ... incidently, one of my most prized possesions that Green, Sunburst Tele is ... a Jimmy Moon custom job ... If that gtr could talk ... !!!!!!! ... check out Moon Guitars in Glasgow ... quality stuff.


What you need is one of these, an Ernie Ball with a Variax conversion, complete with working standard pickups! It just so happens that I do these in my spare time, just doing a US strat at the moment with 25th Anniversary Lace's. This guy demos the Variax, go to 3:00 for some serious tele action - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tXbj7XTYcc
mmmh ... wasn't really convinced about "Variax" ... UNTIL NOW! ... 12str acc really impressive, no more 12str bloody tuning nightmares! ... I'm convinced. I guess just pick up a gtr that feels gr8 to play and ur off ... thanks for that.

Hey interesting not sure if it was just me but the Drum, bass, acoustic and guitar on their own had a bit of a Bowie Fame thing going on, cool though
Ah ha! ... ...10 brownie points if u can name the drummer who played on Bowie's "Fame" and also on Hue and Cry's "Remote" album ? ... ...


... give u a hint , he also played on Sly Stones "Fresh" album ... ... oh and Roxy Music's Avalon ... John Lennon's last album ... ... ... ... ...
That'll be ANDY NEWMARK.

Great story about how he hooked up with Sly Stone. Apparently he was ordered to Stone's house in the middle of the night... there was Sly lying on the bed in a drug-induced haze, he simply said: "Are you funky?" Andy battered out some beat - the funkiest thing he could play - and Stone started dancing round the room - and he was hired. I'd imagine your audition was something similar eh G?!?
Yeh, I've got some gr8 Andy Newmark stories ... gonna save them for the "Remote" Music Labs ...

really looking forward to some insight on the Remote stuff... particularly how all the session guys were hired, how and where they were recorded and whether they've shown any interest in H&C since their sessions.... questions, questions! Great stuff again Greg, this website is bloody fantasticccco
I loved the vocal with Alan's guitar... stripped down with he guitar and vocal was awesome... different... i'd buy this.... Its simple.... I guess i like things that way... It fits
scuse me, where can I download all the track elements and remixes?
Sorry Tetz, we couldn't agree on how to do this ... I think i will use the mpx4 format to do it and see how it goes. Try this.


I should really do this soon ... thanks for the headzup, i'll get on it.



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