Welcome to the third of Gregs 'Music Club' videos - where he reveals the production and composition secrets behind Hue and Cry's music!

'The Last Stop' is the first single to be taken from our forthcoming studio album 'Open Soul' and will be released on 1st of September. As always, we invite your comments below and hope you enjoy!

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Greg the pride you have in that song is very evident, and rightly so. Hue And Cry have created an awesome track in The Last Stop. The Horn horn section is top notch. Well done on the track I look forward to buying the single release.
Greg, that's the best one so far.i am so excited about the single.it will be great to see true musicianship back in the top 40.terrific stuff guys well done.
These are so fantastic! Thanks for putting these together Greg. It's absolutely fascinating :-)
Another belter Greg. Typical cynical Scot, I'm waiting to be disappointed by something!

I've just been thinking (dangerous thing to do, I know) but I know the months (or should that be years) you guys have worked on this, and you must just be wanting it all to push out and allow everyone to enjoy it. But I have to really give you guys the praise you deserve in the way these wee teasers are coming out each week. I can't say I've ever visited a bands website as often as I visit this. Mainly because every time I do log on I find some other wee gem. I know everyone's going on about how good the music is (which I totally agree with) but the work behind the videos/labs/website etc etc. All fantastic. (Could I be any further up your bums at this moment in time?)
Sure hope to find one or two non album B sides released with the single. Perhaps the demo for Man On Line One?
Hello you brothers! I really must say, after listening (a lot).. to "The last stop" , that this all about bringing music to another level. You give an insight about how you get the pieces together, inspirations and creativity, all shared in an informational format never seen before. I have been a great fan of some of the work you have been putting together over the years, but I must say I find it vital that it now seems you both have managed hit some of the nerve that surely inspired you to even start writing music in the first place. Its a "goood" feel all over this song.To me as a listener, a thing you`ve been missing for years. Me and a friend are joining musical brotherhood for the concert in Glasgow sept 13th. Cant wait to grab a beer and a sig and dive in to the open soul o fHueand Cry!!!
Great insight into the making of The Last Stop, brilliant
Hi Greg,
Really enjoyed this (and all of the other pieces), and have to say that your online background concept puts a completely new dimension into the art of putting a song together. For me, it's fascinating discovering how you and your collaborators develop an idea, allow it to evolve, creating components along the way, and eventually producing a polished and finished item. The only other time I've watched this process in action was a documentary about the making of Dark Side of the Moon (oh yes, and The Undertones' My Perfect Cousin years and years ago). Not sure if this was your intention, but I'm itching to look around for all of your older stuff again, and also some of the jazz work you've been doing. Pat's voice still sounds great.
just brilliant really enjoyed this insight into your work, guys. Great outro - and nice touch with the tambourine

I love that Motown drumming and the great backing vocals - he's a talented dude.
great breakdown of the song ,although i would have liked to hear the bass line,only because i play the bass.but it was fascinating to see how you put it altogether
Spent my day off work watching Music Lab. Brilliant stuff. :)


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