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Slight hiatus, but we're resuming our regular rhythm of Labs today - with Greg's presentation of the mechanics and musical strategies behind our cover of Beyonce's 'Crazy In Love'. As ever, we're looking forward to your responses, detailed enquiries, etc, in the comments box below.

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Cool. Look forward to it.
Really enjoy these music labs. Its nice to see how you have tried to capture elements of the original chi lites and beyonce versions whilst putting you own spin on it. It just shows how proffesional you are in your approach to all your music even when attempting a cover version. Looking forward to more music labs, in particular Connect which is one of my favourites off the the new album.
Really like the H&C version of this song and it's interesting to see how you did it. Didn't realise Beyonce had sampled the Chi-Lites. Thanks for this, looking forward to the next music lab and, like Darren, wouldn't mind seeing how you made 'Connect'.
Absolutely fascinating. I'm ashamed to admit that, as someone who just puts on track 4 and enjoys such an awesome track, I had put no thought into how it was put together and thought it simply "happened". How naive, eh?

Keep up the great work, Greg!! ;-)
Great Lab greg. LOve hearing all the parts and getting an insight into the final mix.
Just stumbled over this music lab - really enjoyed it and continue to find them totally fascinating :0D
Love watching stuff like this, tracks broken down etc. Any chance of a music lab on either Looking for Linda, Labour of Love or She Makes A Sound?

Hi Nathan and welcome to the Music Club. Yes, I am going to do music labs again next year. I am planning to do the songs you asked for ...

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the message. Looking forward to it already!!

Any plans for a tour next year?


Hopefully we'll tour around April/May '11 ... Hope to see u at one of the gigs :)

"...Hopefully we'll tour around April/May '11 ... Hope to see u at one of the gigs :)..."

haha Greg, bet you never expected to be saying that in 1987 !


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