I think I read somewhere many many years that H+C are not praticually fond of this album, can anyone tell me if this is true or not, and what you think of it ?

Personally I like the album, a little on the treble side but its on my ipod so it cool.

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Been a while since we listened to it, Andy - last time I remember thinking it was a few pounds short in the digital production stakes (as in, the tech wasn't good enough to realise our ambitions). Some robust songs on there I think - Everyday Chains, Because You Are Nothing, Whirlwind (though I sound incredibly tired and low on the vocal, which I was). Recorded the year after Circa dropped us, so we were a bit embattled when we did it. Not happy bunnies on promo photos as I remember...

best, pk
I honestly adore this album and put it firmly in my top three.
Thanks Pat for that, thought I might be going mad thinking what I did.
Truth & Love just sounded rigid and overly sequenced. But there are some really good songs on there and I would add "Start Here" Pat's list... I think it's an utterly gorgeous song. And I've heard a piano and voice version they did of "Profoundly Yours" for Radio 1 which was really nice too. Given the album was on Pat and Greg's own label, they obviously have full rights to the music so maybe they'd consider re-recording some of those great songs on this site's Public Stage and bring them to a new audience? ;-)

(Incidentally, maybe Pat or Greg can answer this: why do artists so rarely go back and re-record old songs? Especially if they think they can do them a lot better second time around?)
Cant speak for the lads but most artists wont go back to their old stuff and re-record it as it is seen as NOSTALGIA. Mick Hucknell did it recently so he could get back at his old record company.Prince wanted to do it but never got around to it, which is a shame really because it would of been better than most of the crap he gave us in the late 90s.Would love to hear what the lads think on this issue.
We've gone back to songs we felt could be done better a number of times - two piano vocal versions of I Am John's Heart (Piano and Voice) and Pawn of the Weekend (Next Move). Perfect Life has mutated from an oddity on Showtime to the full-blown Weather-Report that it is in live version (but not yet recorded). We will get around to re-recording the classics for pretty strong business reasons - that means we as independent artists get the royalties on those songs! But we also think it would be artistically interesting to revisit them. All in the stewing pot...

After we do the next round of Private Stage songs - the covers that you're voting for on the front page - we will do a 'Rarities and Specialities' Private Stage vote, where we'll ask you all to suggest those b-sides and album tracks you'd like to hear us do again. In fact... I've just created a slot for that in Private Stage! http://hueandcry.ning.com/group/privatestage/forum/topic/show?id=15... Ah the instant response of the net!

best, pk
I never quite understood why/how royalties would be paid to the performer, simply by re-recording old songs. Does by doing this mean that everytime your old studio version gets put on some compilation you get better or more royalties? Is it because you have re-recorded it and therefore ouwn the rights to it ?

Will be putting my thinking cap on for you new PS slot.
"... Does by doing this mean that everytime your old studio version gets put on some compilation you get better or more royalties?"

Several people get a share of those royalties, over and above the artist themselves, so it makes financial sense to re-record. I know quite a few producers that have done very well with their producer points, at least as well as the artist themselves, but in contrast they've had on outlay, no sacrifice for their art, and no sizable advance to repay.

Ask yourself who Diane Warren is, or Rod Temperton, or Desmond Childs; you could walk past all 3 of those in the street and not recognise any of them, but their wealth (as a result of royalties for the artists they write for) is truly immense and would well exceed that of the artists they write for.

I want both of these..anyone have them and more importantly Truth And Love what is the sound quality like compared to the UK version ?

Hi Andy

I had a Japanese-issue CD single from this era (the packaging was almost identical) before selling it a few years back. Strangely, the single release was "St Christopher" backed with a mix of New State. Not sure if that meant "St Christopher" was on the Japanese release of Truth and Love or not... the single was the same version as on the Showtime UK album, barring a slight edit at the start.
Showtime was released on same label I think. ...Sound wise any better ? I always found Jap cd far better than UK and God knows TAL needs better sound.
Yeah I'd say the quality was excellent, but "St Christopher" was clearly the Showtime version so plenty of gloss and live instrumentation, even if it did have Greg's best friend Richard Niles at the production console ;-)

Agree with you re: sound quality of T&L, although have been humming "Everyday Chains" this evening and thinking how good it would sound with the current band, in the Open Soul set list...


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