I think I read somewhere many many years that H+C are not praticually fond of this album, can anyone tell me if this is true or not, and what you think of it ?

Personally I like the album, a little on the treble side but its on my ipod so it cool.

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I got it a few days ago.

I wouldn't say it's too bad - different. :)

So far, my favourite track from the album directly is 'Mr Bell Is Calling'. In one listen, I thought I heard "Salmond" in the lyric (fueled by mention of "Alex"), and wondered if the song was (part?) inspired by him, particularily at the time of the 1992 general election; I realised it was about the inventor afterwards though (or something deeper?).

Last year, I got the 'Profoundly Yours' CD single especially for 'New State [Republic of Love Mix]'.

I wonder if we need another 'A's & B's' compilation. ;)


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