Hi all

So rather than sticking this on ebay, where someone would probably buy it just to flog all the bits off individually, I thought i'd put this out to fellow fans so that when I sell it, it can go to a loving home as a full collection.

Over the years, I built a pretty impressive (and comprehensive) H&C singles back catalogue, but it's time to let it go. Pretty much everything is there, from Here Comes Everybody until the All True Man CD Single / Next Move Radio Edits. Obviously nothing since the guys came back in "digital" format...

There's vinyl, Japanese imports (St Christopher CD single), multiple formats of each single (at least 4 of Violently I think, all with different tracks), cassette singles, mini-cd singles, white labels 12" singles, plus the 2 VHS releases. 

If anyone's interested, please let me know. It's been lovingly collected, and I'd love it to go to a home that would actually appreciate it.



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