Has anybody come across another singer with the same quality of voice as Pat?

I've always thought Pat was one of the best voices I'd heard.  I had started to think it was unique as i hadn't come across anyone else, but has anyone come across another vocalist as good?

I must say that an american guy called Gregory Porter has moments when you think Pat has joined in.

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Funny you should say that Bill. When I read the title of your post I immediately thought of Gregory Porter.

I was in a restaurant in Covent Garden last year when I heard a song and my wife said to me "That sounds like Pat Kane". I got out my Shazam and found out it was Gregory Porter "Magic Cup".

I believe Pat may be a fan as it comes up on my Spotify linked through Facebook.

Yes its only the odd moment but its quite spooky.  i didnt twig till i got his album and then every so often especially on the slower stuff its so like Pat.

I could understand if Pat liked him as the stuff he does i could see Pat doing to.

Love Gregory Porter - indeed, he was in the same day as we did the Jools Holland thing - performing on Monday night. His whole album reminds me of what we were trying to do with Jazz Not Jazz and Next Move. Kurt Elling is the number one singer for me at the moment tho. 

Cheers Pat Just been on his website and listened to a few things and he sounds good so I'll give Kurt a go.  Must admit I'm a bit of a duffer around a lot of jazz stuff but starting to get into some things.  Seen Courtney Pine and his pianist Zoe Rahman.  Would love to see Gregory Porter.

Will be getting tickets for Eric's in Liverpool so hoping you'll cut loose with some jazz stuff as well

Nope! I'm listening to 'She make a sound' on Youtube as I type this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97MhsL2Gi8Y&feature=related - I've repeated it about 50 times so far, singing along to it (to the discomfort of the missus). That performance is perfect, in every way. Come to Manchester Lads, I need a night out. :)

I'm a huge fan of gregory porter - great songwriter too.

Since i posted this originally i have seen yourselves at Liverpool Erics and also in Sale.  Both fab gigs.  First time i had seen the piano and voice gigs and we thought they were brilliant.  Will definitely try and see more and a great choice of songs.  you have quite an impressive catalogue of tunes to draw upon as was demonstrated.

Managed to get a couple of Kurt Elling albums (Nightmoves and Man in the air) and they are ok.  They were not what i expected.  i think i thought they would be more "night club" jazz and it isnt really so need to invest more time in them.

Also managed to see Gregory Porter live in Manchester and he was awesome.  i think he is going to be absolutely mega and probably the next time i see him he will be a tiny dot on some arena stage somewhere

I think a certain Andy Bell of Erasure would spring to my mind if your talking unique, so many delightful tones to his voice, beautiful voice, then again it's each and everyone's personal taste in music that decides such an answer, but given the moment you hear hue and cry for the first time, the memories of those songs are everlasting and when you hear them live it's watery eyes time with the emotions they bring, not to mention the heart and the soul they put into every song, nice question!

check out Steve Hogarth from Marillion. Emotion pours out of this man. Most of his lyrics are personal life stories.


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