A fellow fan (very kindly!) sent me a copy of your first single and its b-side 'From First to Last', and I really like it!

What do you guys think about reissuing it?

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I'm not an expert, but...

Perhaps you could release it on your own label?

Would the tapes (and other materials?) of the final mix (stereo? remastered?) and multi-track have to be transferred to digital? The latter would be useful for things like transcribing and remixes. Would DSD be used? There is the 'Mastered for iTunes', for example, which apparently requires 24/96 files - I'd probably get the CD though. ;)

Additionally, it would be nice to have the artwork at higher quality.

I also wonder if it would allow for other opportunities.

A funny story. I have had all the Hue & Cry stuff on CD for a while. However, the first single "Here Comes Everybody" is of course only on vinyl. I managed to get the first 2 tracks on MP3 through file sharing...but the last track on the single "The Successes of Monetarism" always eluded me.

Desperate to hear this lost track I invested in a USB turntable. Eventually I tracked down a copy of the 12" Single on Discogs. Anyway a couple of weeks after buying it the record still hadn't turned up. I contact the seller who said he posted it. So lost in the post - I got a refund - but still no "Successes of Monetarism".

Roll on a few months and another copy of the 12" turns up on eBay. This one pricier - but in near mint condition so I pull the trigger.Today I received the record and was delighted by it's condition. So I eagerly cue the record up to finally hear "The Successes of Monetarism"...

...and what do I get ? Well 2 or 3 minutes of silence - that's what. Yes it's all a lark by those zany Hue & Boys - probably some kind of political statement against Maggie Thatcher and the Tories. Very funny - so I have basically been chasing a track for the last few years which turns out to be silent. Anyway I diligently ripped it to the folder for the single on my hard drive... complete with  a bit of surface noise and a few crackles - maybe listen to it again tonight with a large glass of whisky to deaden the pain.



I got mine off eBay too (months ago) - found with hours to go! Slight tear at the bottom, but I don't mind, given the obscurity - as long as it's fine overall.

And yes, you're probably not the only one who scratched their head over what must be the opposite of a hidden track. ;)
Just a note: The title track was originally intended for release on the 2012 compilation A's & B's (still mentioned in track listings online) - see discussion (http://hueandcry.ning.com/profiles/blogs/26-sep-hue-and-cry-a-s-and...).

I know there's a few topics already about the song, but thought it might be a good idea to start a fresh one.


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