I found some interesting clips on Youtube which look like they must be from around the Next Move album period. It looks like they're from a "Later" style TV show. Any ideas? It's all great stuff. I quite like the more casual look. And nice goatee.

Next Move (Live)

I Didn't Know (Live)

Remember Me (Live)

Once In A Lifetime... (Live)

Virus Of Love (Live)

Stars Crash Down (LIve)

Labour of Love (Live) ....an unusual version

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Without looking at them, Paul, I think it's a series STV did called, 'Boxed Set' different acts each week doing live set, interviews etc. Still have the whole show on VHS somewhere. Very good stuff.
Spot on Paul, it was "Boxed Set" on STV from 1999 I think. Pat and Greg played with their live band at the time: Ian Thomas, Laurence Cottle and Tommy Smith - unbelievable musicians! Pat's in great form (Stars Crash Down is an unbelievable take...) and the latin-jazz version of Labour of Love was a staple of their live shows around this time. But while I actually enjoyed the freestyle, jazzy direction of the band at this time, I doubt it's everyone's cup of tea. And I thought the more "straight ahead" songs they did, such as "I didn't Know" and "Once in a Lifetime" were not among their best.
Hi Paul, these vids are from a show called "Boxed Set". Was made by STV in Glasgow 1999 (I think). Very prouda these ... gr8 band ... Pat on good form ... The drummer, Ian Thomas is now playing Eric Clapton ... Man, I had to do a lota practicing to make the grade in that band ... good times tho
90% perspiration, 10% inspiration

I was sitting behind you that night Greg and you are right about the perspiration man!! I couldn't believe you never took that top off! LOL I'm pretty sure we saw you at the Citizens that night too as this was an afternoon recording.
Agreed Jon, this was a really cool band and very strong tracks but there were a lot of grumbling from audience members after gigs about the change of direction which was a shame really. It certainly was a strange time to be a "Hue and Cry groupie" as I was/am??!! LOL
It's all development... Boxed Set captures us in a mode we're never likely to be in again - but thank god it does. The sense of freedom and inventiveness in that band was just amazing. So lucky it got captured at its prime moment.
couldn't agree more with that, Pat. Ian, Laurence and Tommy seemed to really contribute to the H&C experience at that time, and I'd be interested to hear how much you feel they contributed to the arrangments - both live and in the studio? I note they got a writing credit on "speedolite" on the album, but I also wonder how much a session musician has to contribute before getting a credit?
The whole gig needs to be made available on DVD or at least CD...

Maybe not everyones 'cup of tea' but I think it's total genius. The jazz direction totally suits the bros Kane in my humble opinion.

I may well be alone on this, but I'd LOVE some more jazz... Top class.
You are not alone (not wanting to get all Michael Jackson on you there (EE-HEE)), I think this stuff is tremendous and there have been conversations about it here before. I think, for a couple of reasons, it won't ever happen. Shame cos it's quality stuff.
I've still got the multitracks for these performances ... I think I'll look'm out, make sure the mixes are OK and stick'm up for sale on our Digital store so u guys can get'm.

Result!! :)
That would be fantastic Greg and likewse for any other nuggets stored away in the archives. I happen to agree with Jamie and Paul that this was a great period for Hue and Cry musically. It's a shame Pat says we aren't likely to see this mode again or perhaps meaning the same lineup of musicians?
It would be great if this were available on dvd which I guess isn't likely but a music download would be fantastic.

PS I'm just wondering if this is the same live gig which seems to be continiually available on ebay from around this period.
I got in touch with STV at few years ago about releasing it online, but was told the rights surrounding the music performances were too restrictive.


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