Thought I'd let you know of some rarities I have on cd, which are available to all good homes upon request. I started this after seeing the thread about Rolling Home. I have the aformentioned Rolling Home, plus: I Refuse (ORIGINAL 7"), Violently (with pedal steel from the cassette single), Ordinary Angel (Hoedown Mix) and Spending You (from the Ordinary Angel CD single), Sweet Invisibility 7" (which was only available on the 7" vinyl) and Tempted and Shipbuilding from the Shuggie And Shout cassette single of the original I Refuse. This is by FAR the best ever version of Shipbuilding (IMHO) from a Billy Sloan session. A wee bit hissy but I've done my best to clean that and Tempted up. Over the Easter holidays the remaining gaps, such as Remote (live) from the 12" singles will be converted.

Send a reply if interested in any of them.



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Hi Peter

I would love copies of these.  Can you do that for me?  Happy to pay costs for materials and postage.  let me know.

Best wishes


Hi James,

That will not be a problem. You can e-mail me at with your details and I can send them on cd or send the mp3s as attachments. Whatever suits you!



Thanks - have emailed you my details.


Would love to hear anything you have got,just sorting out my collection.keep me posted.thanks.karl

Here's Shipbuilding from the Shuggie And Shout cassette.


And now Tempted from teh same cassette.


Cheers Peter, great stuff. My Shuggie and Shout got mangled some time back.

Thanks of my favs.Will post a few tracks soon.cheers karl.

Interested in anything.would love have listen,cheers Karl.

Peter, many thanks for posting these files. I had copies already, but they had a lot more hiss and were only 128kps vs your 192kps.  Tempted and Shipbuilding were tracks 2 and 4 on the cassette (I think).  Do you have a cleaned up version of track 3 - Dangerous Wreck?  I found somewhere a suggestion that Shipbuilding may have been a Radio Clyde Billy Sloan session track - now thinking the other tracks were the same.

Don't have it in digital format at the moment but I've dug out the cassette and a blank minidisc, so give me a few days and I'll eventually have it on the computer. Hopefully have it done and cleaned up for the weekend and I'll post it on. Yes, the three tracks were a Billy Sloan session for Radio Clyde. May as well do Twisted from Violently cassette while I'm at it.

Hi Peter,

How's it going? Any chance you could send me a copy of Shipbuilding and Tempted? As well as H&C, my musical loves are  Elvis Costello and Squeeze and if you ever get a chance to go see Glenn Tilbrook either with his band the Fluffers or solo, it's up there with Pat and Greg.


Vince (


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