Thought I'd let you know of some rarities I have on cd, which are available to all good homes upon request. I started this after seeing the thread about Rolling Home. I have the aformentioned Rolling Home, plus: I Refuse (ORIGINAL 7"), Violently (with pedal steel from the cassette single), Ordinary Angel (Hoedown Mix) and Spending You (from the Ordinary Angel CD single), Sweet Invisibility 7" (which was only available on the 7" vinyl) and Tempted and Shipbuilding from the Shuggie And Shout cassette single of the original I Refuse. This is by FAR the best ever version of Shipbuilding (IMHO) from a Billy Sloan session. A wee bit hissy but I've done my best to clean that and Tempted up. Over the Easter holidays the remaining gaps, such as Remote (live) from the 12" singles will be converted.

Send a reply if interested in any of them.



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Hi Vince,

Do the mp3s attached above in my messages in March last year not download anymore? If not, I'll post them again.



Hi Peter,

I didn't realise they were there. I have them now, you're a star.

Thanks very much,


For any completists out there, here is the 7" remix of Sweet Invisibility cleaned up. My previous version was off the vinyl and had immovable scrapes and crackles in it. I've extracted this off of the DVD on Remote: Major To Minor. Much improved (apart from the actual obliteration of the track itself;-))



is anyone willing to share the Labour Of Love US 7" and 12" versions?


Hi - I am fairly new to Hue and Cry. I was aware of them in the 80s but too busy following supposedly serious non-chart bands (as most teenagers do). Now I am older and wiser I have been busy collecting the whole H+C back catalogue on CD.

Having got nearly all the official CDs I am now missing the vinyl only stuff eg. "I Refuse" original single, "Here comes Everybody" single etc. I no longer have a turntable but would love these as digital files if anyone could help me out - I would be extremely grateful.

I am really loving listening to H+C at the moment. My wife takes my son swimming training on Friday nights - so I have got into a little ritual of pouring myself a large glass of Laphroiag and settling back with a  H+C album. I really should have checked this band out before.

I have been into The Blue Nile (another Scottish band) since the 80s but somehow H+C passed me by. I can see similarities in the 2 bands Blue Eyed soul, great vocals, wonderful music. Also both bands used the superb production skills of Calum Malcolm and Castle Sound Studios and both recorded for Linn - any other fans of The Blue Nile on here ?


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