I was looking back through my collection and I found I had the US Virgin Cd of Seduced rather than the UK version. Its only a 10 track as it omits Something Warmer - and has a Harvey Jay Goldberg remix of the Pete Smith original production of I Refuse - is this the same as the UK one and are any of the other tracks different to the normal version? I suspect the only difference is I dont have Something Wamer on CD!

Happy new year by the way!

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As far as I can remember, 'Something Warmer' was a bonus track on S&A here. I had my first copy on vinyl (happy days) and felt aggrieved that I didn't have it.

Not sure about the HJG 'I Refuse', though. Is it radically different? Post up to your page, if it is.
Hi Mike

Happy New Year. Track listing on my version (whihc is UK I assume) is:-

Strength To Strength
History City
Goodbye To Me
Human Touch
Labour Of Love
I Refuse
Something Warmer
Alligator Man
Love Is The Master
Just One Word

If you want Something Warmer just let me know.

Best wishes

Uploaded for all those who are interested, its a slower version with a different vocal to my ears, timed at 3.39. But I am not familiar with the Pete Smith 7'', so may not differ from that - I would be interested in hearing that if anyone had that version?
Missed the odd bit! I bought this in Italy for 2 euro in 1999, and the disc says made in England. Could you get a more confused release!

The UK vinyl of 'Seduced and Abandoned' omitted 'Something Warmer'.

For 'Remote', it omitted 'Under Neon' and 'Family Of Eyes'.

The UK CDs include these tracks, though.


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