I have started to transcribe the songs of Hue & Cry because I haven't found any sheet music yet!  I know there was a single sheet printed of some of the early hits like Looking For Linda and Ordinary Angel, but have never seen or heard of a book.  I'll start with the greatest hits and then from there take requests.  Obviously if sharing transcriptions is not allowed then I'll keep them to myself!

p.s. don't worry I'm an excellent piano player and singer and will do a good job!

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Oh - by the way, if anyone has any sheet music, let me know - I'll happily pay!

Knock yourself out David ... remember, I'll be grading your efforts! :)


No pressure then!

No pressure indeed...but please do share whatever you come up with.

After letting way too many years go by without playing any instrument other than the stereo, I've finally got myself a piano again--and am finally taking voice lessons like I've long fancied, too.

I'm enjoying it greatly...but I'd be extra-super-motivated if I had sheet music for something like "Mother Glasgow" or "Just Say You Love Me" to work on. I'll never sound anything like Pat and Greg of course--especially if I'm trying to do both their jobs at once!--but learning to fumble my way through a short Bitter-Suite-like set in my living room would be loads of fun (even if I sounded like utter rubbish the first eighty-seven or so runs through it).

I'd be very interested in sheet music for Mother Glasgow too. I'm just getting back into playing the piano after a break of nearly 30 years. Any music would be great!

I was going to wait until MuseScore (what you need) 2.0 is released (because of bugs) and the files themselves finished, but couldn't :). I'll try to put more up soon (I've got others, not just from 'Stars Crash Down').

Without multi-tracks and instrument information, there might be a few mistakes.

Comments welcome!


Good effort Scott ... I had to download MuseScore to access the files ... There were very few errors. Just the bass line in Making Strange. I always begin each phrase with the Bb ... I know sometimes its difficult to hear.

Well done. Look forward to seeing more.


Thanks, Greg :).

Here's another little preview (it's still being worked on). I think it's a Fender Rhodes?

I hope David doesn't mind if I jumped in :), but if there were plans to do official digital band scores, I think I'd like to contribute too. If that were to be the case, transcriptions might be better saved for those.


I wanted to give some love to the other albums.

I'll just upload the intros for now - hope there's not too many mistakes.

From 'Seduced And Abandoned':


From 'Remote':


Hi David,

I've transcribed chords, bass and vocal for 'duty to the debtor' - which is an awesome song btw that I'm happy to post to the group if anyone wants it - but I am struggling to really pick out the detail of the right hand of the piano part. Sounds like a blues variation around the main chords, but I can't pick out the incidentals and detail. Has anyone on the group managed to fully transcribe it? I'd love to play it properly rather than stabbing around on the chords... :-)




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