I have started to transcribe the songs of Hue & Cry because I haven't found any sheet music yet!  I know there was a single sheet printed of some of the early hits like Looking For Linda and Ordinary Angel, but have never seen or heard of a book.  I'll start with the greatest hits and then from there take requests.  Obviously if sharing transcriptions is not allowed then I'll keep them to myself!

p.s. don't worry I'm an excellent piano player and singer and will do a good job!

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Scott - you're a star! That's perfect. Not sure if that particular piano part is exactly the same as the full single, but it'll do for me playing it at home and with friends.

Great stuff - thanks!


Thanks for this Andy. Greg

I'm racking my brains as to whether I used to have a book of piano music for Bitter Suite?  Maybe it was a dream.  Just don't know why I remember it so vividly.  Did you guys ever produce such a thing? 

Here's a few to celebrate ahead of next week - from 'Bitter Suite' and 'Remote' respectively. (I recommend using the Fluid_R3 soundfont (here) as all the uploaded scores are based on it.)

I'm a pianist, so some other instruments might not be done well, or even known - drum machines are sometimes difficult, for instance (I have a hard time working it out in 'Looking For Linda', for instance).



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